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  1. Scenic III service intervals

    Hi, I have a Scenic III 1.5 dci 2015 with a K9K engine. 33k miles. I am asking if anyone knows what the official service intervals are for this engine & when the timing belt change is due. Reason I ask is that I have just had the service interval warning light appear. When I check when the...
  2. New model Trafic- List of service intervals?

    Im looking for a list/table of service intervals for oil, timing belt, brake fluid etc for a new model mk3 2014 Renault Trafic. Owners manual lists nothing. I'm ising independent garages for servicing, avoiding dealers. I want to stick to manufacturers intervals- but info seems missing. Can...
  3. Service intervals

    Cars & motoring
    When I had a 2004 Laguna 11, a forum member stated that the oil change should be every 10,000 miles and not 18,000 as stated by Renault. He also said the cam belt should be changed every 40,000 miles and not 45,000 miles as stated by Renault. It is good advice which I have followed. I now have a...
  4. Renault Fluence Service Intervals.

    Hi I am in Australia and have a 2011 Renault Fluence 2 litre I'm looking to take over the servicing and wonder what the service Intervals for Renault's are in the UK I tend to follow European service Intervals as Australian service Intervals are short to get you back to the dealer more often...
  5. Renault grand scenic servicing intervals

    General Chat
    Is it 12 months that the service light comes on if you don't reach the servicing mileage or longer?
  6. Filters change intervals on 1.5dCi

    Hello, I find it very hard to find out from the manual when the filters need to be changed. Specifically, I am speaking about all the filters found on the 1.5dCi from 2011 on a Renault Megane. Anyone have a clue? Thanks!
  7. Megane 3 service intervals (renault derived)

    This might be more usefull posted somewhere else, if a mod feels the need, go for it n edit too. Since a lot of people seem to have lost their original service/warranty sheet or didnt get it when they bought a used megane 3. Im going to post up mine,not photocopied tho that would be much...
  8. Megane Mk3 Service Intervals

    I have a 2010 Megane MK3 Coupe 1.6 petrol with the K4M engine I believe. Can anyone help me with compile a list of all maintenance related stuff that needs to be done on this car and at what intervals? I've started the list with the stuff I know below. The reason I am making a list is so that...
  9. 1.6dci Service Intervals - Scenic 3

    Hi, my service indicator tells me I have another 10k miles / 13 months left before a service is due. However, the service manual says the Scenic 3 is on a 18k / 12m (or whichever is sooner) service interval. Shall I believe the car or the book? Or maybe the service indicator says oil service...
  10. Service intervals on possible purchase

    Cars & motoring
    Hi All, My daughter is think of buying a Megane Scenic 1.6vvt Expresion 5dr 74K miles 2004 manual. (£695 no offers) I know that on some models there are very expensive (£400) cam belt changes around that mileage. I would like to know or be pointed in the right direction to find out what the...
  11. Megane 2 dci gearbox oil change intervals

    Hi guys can anybody tell me if there is a specific miles that the gearbox oil should be changed ?? My car is a 2007 megane gt dci with 70k miles Thanks
  12. Service intervals for Megane 3

    I'm not a high mileage driver and my megane 3 does about 5k a year. i had the first service done last year January at 5k miles and was told the service interval is after 18k or 2 years whichever comes first. Only done about 4k on it so far and the instrument panel doesnt display service due...
  13. Megane II Servicing Intervals

    Hi, I've just this great forum and would like some advice about the 53 plate Megane II Dynamique 1.9 dCi that i've just bought. Could anyone tell when the next servicing will be required and what would need doing/replacing etc and approximate cost for work that would need doing and where in...
  14. Renault Espace - Service Intervals

    Cars & motoring
    hi folks. new to forum as any one any idea what the service intervals are on the 2.2dci espace expression
  15. 1.9 dci service intervals

    hey i have a 2005 renault laguna 1.9 dci 120 its currently at 17k and bought it 6 months ago witch was serviced at 13k i was wondering when it should get serviced next??
  16. Service Intervals Laguna 11 1.6

    Cars & motoring
    Hi All I've just joined you forum and have been looking through the threads. I'v bought a 2003 Laguna 65k miles on the clock. It has a full service history. Last Service @ 59k miles. This was a minor service. I gather the next service is about due but am not sure what the service intervals are...
  17. Cambelt intervals for 2004 1.6 petrol Scenic.

    Anyone know what the cambelt intervals for 2004 1.6 petrol Scenic are? Are they the same as diesel? 5 year/72k?
  18. Scenic 2.0 VVT Service Intervals

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    I have just bought a 2006 Grand Scenic 2.0 VVT Auto with 50,000 miles. The garage told me it had been serviced but they could not provide me with the service book for the vehicle. I wish to change the oil and possibly have the timing belt changed in the near future. Can anyone tell me where I...
  19. 2005 Scenic Cam belt intervals.

    Hi all, my good ladies Scenic I has bitten the dust, she liked it so I have found a nice looking Scenic II 2006 1.6 Expression Auto that I have stuck £100 down to hold it until I can see it tomorow. Seemingly has a FSH and after searching around the forums I cant find a definitive answer on...
  20. Clio III Service Intervals

    Cars & motoring
    Hi I am looking to buy a 2007/2008 Clio Extreme or Expression and im trying to find out the required service schedule. Is it 18k/2years or 18k/1yr, or neither? How much tollerance is there usually with services over the requirement in the book, if it was 20k for its first service could that...