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    Hello I'm Bob and I'm a caraholic. Pretty good on older landrovers and old motorbikes but not on anything modern And I live in France.:|
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    Currently attempting to purchase a Laguna GT dci...
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    Hi Guys nice to be here:smile2:
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    Hi, for six months or so I'm looking after a 2012 Kangoo diesel for a friend, and I'm wanting to ask a question or two of experienced Kangoo owners. My last Renault was an R5, which I bought (already old) in 1989 as a student in France.
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    Hi, I'm a retired electronics engineer, who only reluctantly does occasional car maintenance. Usually, this is because I get a 'bee in my bonnet' - pun intended. Just recently I had too many TDC and coil pack failures so I came hear as a guest and found out that its a common problem - and not...
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    Hello, I found this forum when I was looking to fit cruize control on my Opel Vivaro. There is a thread about a member who retrofitted CC to his Megane. It is an old thread but I hope someone can help.
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    Hello from a bright North of England. I bought an 03 Clio 3 weeks ago and thought joining a user forum would be a good idea! Never had a Renault before, so this is an experience :laugh: Enjoying the little beast so far, hopefully it will be a reliable chariot for me and my hounds to get on with...
  8. Engines
    A brief introduction to my car and the sequence of events so far. I have a 2005 Megane Grand Scenic 2.0 16V. Bought Dec 2015 by the wife. It was bought with the intention of using for the year until we can afford the car we want. Car was running fine to begin with - some minor things I noticed...
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    Hi everyone... I never thought I'd buy a Renault in my life! Yet, here I am with my 59 reg Renault Megane 1.5dci which really surprised me on the test drive: Comfortable, smooth, well slotting gear box and fair handling. Anyone here from the east Midlands? :-)
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    Hi to all, I thought I'd quickly introduce myself. Basically, Mr average, I have a reasonable knowledge of cars and engines and like to do (where possible) all my own maintenance and repair. Have recently purchase a Renault Scenic MkII 2004 1.6. It came with a few problems but don't all...
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    My first car was a 1972 12TL which I drove to 118,000 miles - fondly remembered. Went round the houses on Makes/models - worst was a Marina, best was a Scooby Legacy, all sizes in between, all taken to 100,000 miles plus. The Legacy was written off and the only replacement available was the...
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    Hi, New owner to used scenic 2 1.9dci project car.
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    Hello there My Name is Zoltan:D
  14. Heating & cooling
    Hi Folks. I bought my 2006 Trafic 100dci in 2012 after the previous owner drove it through a flood and bent a rod. I'm not a mechanic but an avid and as an owner of three lancia Betas, I have no fear of anything mechanical or electrical. Anyway, I rebuilt the damaged engine and exactly...
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    Hi evry1 I'm Gregory from South Africa
  16. Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi, all. Just joined from West Cork, Ireland. Have bought a 2002 Kangoo van. It's my first Renault car, so am looking at forums to get some info and helpful tips as a few things don't seem to be working...all in good time, I guess.
  17. Electronics
    Hey everyone, ii am new to the site so many thanks for future help. I own a 2009 Megane Coupe and noticed three plugs below the radio in front of the gear stick, is there any cables on the market that you can buy to plug in and plug into my phone (Samsung s5) Thanks
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    Hi Everyone, My name is Tony I have a Renault Traffic 1.9dci 06 plate currently with 170k on it. I'm happy to join this community and hope that I will be able to contribute with knowledge in the future as well as being able to gain valuable information as to how to fix my own, and hopefully...
  19. Bodywork
    Hi there I am new to this forum. I was browsing for a Scenic 2008 power folding mirror driver's side and came across this site. Maybe someone can direct me to a replacement mirror. Thanks
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    Hi to all members My name is Tony, I own a 2006 Trafic dci 1.9 . that (fingers crossed) has been a very reliable van. However it has now covered over 160k and I am beginning to have a few minor issues. I really hope that I can find some answers to my problems aswell as maybe helping others with...