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    Hi all, I am a new member from Galway in Ireland. Just recently bought my first Scenic (2007 MkII) and really like the car but have a few issues with it so hopefully this forum will serve as inspiration in getting them resolved :smile2:
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    Hi folks, I've been driving a 2007 Renault Kangoo van for the last number of years and I'm quite happy with it. I honestly couldn't go back to driving a car at this stage. I joined your forums a few days ago because my main Renault dealer was unable to help me with something so I'm hoping...
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    Hello as I'm a new member I though I should tell you something about my self . As i have owned a few Renaults before , A mk1 clio diesel 1.9 , A mk2 megane 1.4 petrol and now a mk2 ph2 clio dci 65 bhp Extreme . A s the little clio mk2 ph 2 has a few niggles , I'm hoping you kind folks can help...
  4. Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hows things folks, just joined the forums as I have become the new owner of a renault trafic 1.9, i have owned renaults previously, but this one has me stumped, will need to get some of your help. I'm fairly handy with spanners etc will post problems workshop section ,so for now ... hello...
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    Hi folks! Thought i'd introduce myself as the proud new owner of a Clio IV! I had a Vectra previously and was registered with the Vectra-C forum, so figured I'd do the same with the wee Renault! I previously had a Laguna about 6 years ago, so this is now my second Renault (first new one) and...
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    Hi there, just signed up last night, looks a good forum.Ive a post put up about a much asked about question, tuning boxes, i can get alot of search results but not many reviews, itd be for a 2014 Master LM150, or what have other drivers found works for abit mpre power and hopefully squeeze abit...
  7. For sale
    20 in alloy wheels (bk racing 399) 5x114.3 pcd/5x110 pcd,42 mm offset,spigot rings for meg III or lag III,but will fit other makes as the centre bore is 70mm + without spigot rings. Fitted in pairs with 225/35/20 zr and 235/35/20 zr rated tyres approximately 6mm and 7 mm respectively of thread...
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    Hi folks, I'm David from Ireland and I just bought my first Renault , a Grand Scenic II. I'm looking forward to getting into it but there's a bit to do yet.
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    Hiya - new here, and Irish to boot! I've a lovely 99 Renault Clio 1.2 which seems to run forever with very little fuel. I don't ask any questions. ;)
  10. Welcome to RenaultForums
    Back to renault on a scenic after a while
  11. Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi there peeps little bit about myself,I have just sold my vw transporter after having it for 5 years with noting but a list of problems and have just bought a 2009 traffic passanger to carry the family around in,I don't have it yet but will b with us on Monday or Tuesday,it is a 2.0 115 bhp 6...
  12. Insurance
    The subject line says it all really so please pick up the phone and ask us to quote if you live in the province - we now have an insurer who will offer you competitive cover. Couple this with the recent age relaxations and you should see that we're doing all we can to help as many of this...
  13. Bodywork
    Hi All, I discovered your forum whilst seeking a solution to a mechanical problem and was very impressed with the knowledge and advice on display. Having now joined, I feel that natural human delight in belonging to a collective group and that I'm no longer fighting the fight on my own. While...
  14. Welcome to RenaultForums
    Just thought I would say hello I'm John and using a MK2 Clio D7F 8 Valve. Looking for a crankshaft sprocket and woodruff key as key has broken and sprocket is now spinning.
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    Good afternoon folks. Owned 2004 1.9 Laguna Sports Tourer for 7 years. 122k on the clock and starting to give me too many problems. Looking at 2009 2.0 Auto Laguna 150.....mmmmm
  16. Welcome to RenaultForums
    just to say a quick hello from northern ireland
  17. Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi all, Long time renault driver first time on the forum, i hope i can use the collective for answers to some questions about my latest project and generally get to know you all as time goes on here.... Anyways its late, i have work in the morning so hi and bye.....:d:d
  18. Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi I have a 00 1.9 D55. Got her a couple of weeks ago and I think she's going to challenge me. :mad:
  19. For sale
    Hi folks. Im having a bit of a clear out. I have a 1992 clio Baccara that is going to scrap before the end of the summer. I fitted a second hand 1.4 engine in 2005 - the car has been sitting about since. It had a genuine mileage of less than 20k. if anyone is looking for an engine then give...
  20. Tools & equipment
    any one on here from northern ireland that has a can clip? renault dealers are not very helpfull