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  1. Laguna II (PH 2) - Cabasse Stalker Iso

    Hi, good day for all. I have a Laguna II phase II, initiale, and have a cabasse auditorium tronic, the cd reader head unit qith the amplituner. I changed the head unit to a pioneer, but lost stalker control, cause I don't know what is the connector. The autoleads PC99-X12 is to connect to the...
  2. Are Renault radios standard ISO connectors?

    In-car entertainment
    As it says! I've got a 2003 Scenic, end of the Mk1 era with a tuner list radio so aux in isn't an option on the cheap. I have a Blaupunkt head unit and somewhere from past ownerships I even have a fascia adaptor. I can't remember though if the radio connectors are standard ISO? Also, as the head...
  3. Steering Wheel Controls - Mini ISO connector?

    Hi everyone, Recently passed my test and got a Clio MKII :) It came with the original tape player and I've replaced it with a Sony CDX-G2001UI which is fantastic. I'm now trying to get the steering wheel controls working with it but I only have 2 black connectors and a yellow (see attached)...

    Hi all, I am going to replace the original head unit for an after market, i am assuming the original head unit isn't a ISO plug. Am i wrong? If it isn't an ISO plug, I can not find a ISO harness for it at all, can anyone point me in the right direction ? Also, if anyone has replaced there...
  5. Steering Wheel Audio Control - 18-pin Carminat to Yellow Mini ISO

    Hi Guys, I'm new here (from the Netherlands) and I've used this forum for a few mods and somethings just for inspiration :d Unfortunately I'm stuck with a problem. I'm the proud owner of a Megane II and I'm trying to install an aftermarket navigation system. This was quite simple, but I can't...
  6. ISO harness

    In-car entertainment
    Hi folks, my partner bought a renault clio 59 plate recently and bought a pioneer cd player for her 1.5dci tom tom edition clio and went to fit it but wont power up its just plug and play but her sat nav wont come on either the lad says she may need to put the red and yellow wire together to...
  7. 6 Pin Mini ISO Wiring Diagram

    Hi this is my first post, so please be gentle. I have a 2009 (59) Renault Kangoo ML19 67 DCI Van. I am looking for a wiring diagram which shows the wiring between the steering wheel controls and the radio (mini ISO 6 pin yellow). I do not have a upper dash display, the only display is on the...
  8. remote adapter lead for Renault Trafic & Kenwood BT92SD head unit?

    In-car entertainment
    Hello folks, Just like the title says, I have a Renault Trafic 2011 model. The original CD radio itself looks exactly like this one (unfortunately I don't have the navigation screen) I do have an OEM remote steering wheel unit which comes with a pretty standard looking basic orange display...
  9. ISO Stereo Adaptor for older Renaults

    Older renaults (pre-1992)
    If anyone is looking for an adaptor cable for connecting a modern car stereo with ISO connections in an older Renault, I have one available which is surplus to requirement. It's suitable for a wide range of older Renaults, including 5,9,11,21,25,Alpine and Savannah. It's on eBay currently...
  10. Renault Grand Scenic 2011 ISO connectors???

    Hi, i'm looking to fit a Parrot CK3000 in my Renault Grand Scenic 2011. Can anyone tell me how to get to the ISO connectors? I know its a newbie question but i can't find any info on the web. Many thanks for any help :d Shaun
  11. ISO cable for head unit upgrade

    For sale
    Hi I've just got rid of my Espace and I have a 5 metre ISO cable for sale. It was connected to a Kenwood head unit but it should fit any head units that have the standard ISO connections. The cable was professionally made by Uplands Audio in Cardiff and cost £75 and contains connections for...
  12. Cut Audio cables need new ISO connectors

    Hi All, I am new here. I have just bought a 2002 Laguna and have found out that some idiot has cut all the ISO connectors off. So no radio or display. Does anyone have experience replacing these and can tell me where i can get new ISO connectors and a wiring diagram. Many thanks
  13. New Head Unit - Megane 2

    In-car entertainment
    Just fitted a new HU in my Megane. I've owned the car for 2 weeks but due to MIL light problems only actually had it for 4 days. I fitted the stereo from my old car. Its a Pioneer Bluetooth unit. Absolute class. It can play songs from your Ipod via the headphone Jack, I drilled a hole in the...
  14. Laguna II Head Unit ISO Adapter

    I've just bought a shiny new JVC head unit for my 2005 Laguna II, and was told by Halfords that I need a "wiring harness" to fit it correctly. I've already ordered the multistalk adapter for my steering wheel controls, and the fascia plate, but have come across a number of ISO harnesses, with...
  15. ISO leads

    Is there a lead I can get that'll Connect my new Pioneer CD player to my 2003 Master and allow me to use the stalk controls and display as per the old renault unit that was originally there?
  16. parrot ck3100 no ISO fit megane cc 2007 111 3

    According to parrot you need a cable: PC000052AA when fitting this model with parrot ck3100, I searched everywhere, none available. Parrot sales did not reply. Renault said I needed the cable as I had the cd autochanger, i dont i have the ipod box alternative fitted from 2007 on. I fitted anyway...
  17. espace iso wiring messed up

    hi guys ive just brought a 99 2.0 automatic espace and someone before me has cut of the iso plug completly off so is there anyone out there that has a wiring diagram of one of these plugs i can see there is a aftermarket radio in the car but its been wired up all wrong it works but the f to...
  18. cabasse mini iso help

    i have this cabbase cd player with 6cd changer on my megane 2 (2003) and have problem :) this is like my cabasse what mini iso connector going in ? yellow or ... ? and where ? on changer or radio in trunk ??! help me pls :(
  19. X Reg Clio - Iso Connector Help!

    Ok i have browsed the forums and i am still dont feel 100% sure, about the ISO Connector. I might just be looking in the wrong place:crazy: Anyway..Im looking to remove my casette player from my 'X' Reg Clio and put a Cd player headunit in..only problem, is that i cant find a suitable ISO...
  20. Iso connectios

    I would like to know what each pin is for on the rear of a Philips radio model number 22dc379/62b. The one block has 7 terminals and the other has 4.