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  1. Radio/Navigation issue

    Hi guys, Sorry if I am rising already disccused topic, but I am quite new in your forum. So, here it is my issue. I got Laguna 3 GT, 4 contro, 2.0 DCI , with installed Garmin naviagation + radio. However, thie radio list and all the functions have is working but does not...
  2. Renault Wind 2010 Roof Issues

    when I turn the ignition on every single time dashboard give me an error saying check roof. the way I have been getting around this is I have to unlock the roof handle, push the open roof button down for 2 secs then close it again. this is the only way I can drive the car with roof normal...
  3. engine wiring issue

    Finally got the 1.5 dci engine changed in a 07 kangoo van, but I have a little issue. There are three connecters on the back of the engine that look like glow plug connecters. Can they be connected randomly or if specific, could anyone please provide an idea of which goes where? Cheers.
  4. H45 Koleos Central Locking issue

    Hi all, New member so excuse me if I'm a bit raw... :grin2: My wife's car is a H45 Koleos 2.5L FWD and the key operated central locking / unlocking is working intermittently. Have tried fresh remote batteries ( in both remotes ) and nothing has changed. I seem to get the best results when the...
  5. MAF Issue

    Fault History: - Heater Light, Fault Light & EML all illuminated - no effect on performance Changed for 2nd hand one from Renualt salvage - all OK for couple of years until recently then Performance <2.6k rpm was very poor, after 2.6k power OK. Occasional Heater Light, switching ignition off &...
  6. Rear fog light issue, fuse/relay? (Renault Megane Mk3)

    I've got my MOT coming up this month, so after booking I carried out a check on all my lights. I noticed neither of my rear fog lights were working but one of them was flooded with water. I've since bought a new fog light assembly and replaced the lamp holder and replaced all the bulbs. I've...
  7. Renault Scenic 2 1.6 2004 idling issue

    Hi all, I am currently having a problem with my Scenic 2 1.6 petrol (5seater). On initial starting it idles ok for around 30 seconds and then cuts out. If i raise the revs slightly the rev counter moves up and down between 1000 revs and 2000 revs. There is a strong smell of petrol. After a few...
  8. Renault Meganic Scenic 1 - 1,9 DTI - engine cut off / acceleration issue

    My beloved old Scenic 1, year 2000, has a strange issue: It struggles on cold start, around 2-3 times of retries, then I can drive it for around 20-30 min where suddenly engine cuts off. If i'm trying to start the car again, it starts but it's accelerate by itself 3-4 times and dies. It will...
  9. Megane 3 1.6 vvt starting issue

    Dear All, I bought a 2012 Renault Megane Hatchback in February, 2018. It is a 110bhp model with a 1.6 VVT petrol engine. After 2-3 weeks I bought it, I noticed a weird starting issue with the car. (it was a private seller – no warranty) It is May, 2019 and even though I took the car to 3...
  10. Scenic III 2009 1.5 dCi Expression - Rear Fog Light Issue

    Good evening. I have a Scenic III 1.5 dCi (2009) and have had problems with the rear fog lamp. The lamp was partially filled with water (now drained and cleaned), the bulb holder was drenched and rusty (also now cleaned) the connector and wires were also wet (now dried). Bulb(s) tested and all...
  11. Laguna mk3 2009 keycard issue

    Hi my spare keycard battery has died when replaced it will open locks but won***8217;t atart the car . Is there an easy fix for this or can I get card recoded . Or do I need a new card ?
  12. Trafic 2.0 2012 egr cooler issue

    Found a noise coming from the engine area whe i press the accelerator pedal, ive found a bracket that sits on top if a spring on the egr cooler has broken off. It has a small whee and crimped wire around it, i am assuming that there is some kind of flap inside thats now rattling about, anyone...
  13. Issue with auto shift lock

    Kangoo ML19P105 + auto 2009 petrol. Gearbox DPO106 M000871, having an issue as gearbox light keeps coming on, next to the shifter is a motor or solenoid which gets stuck and press break pedal light clicking on and off gets stuck.
  14. Espace & Vel Satis 3.0 dci Head Gasket issue - (P9X) opinions on solutions

    I'm looking for peoples views on the ongoing success rate of changing the gasket alone or whether other problems were found & resolved at the same time - perhaps head warping? If other problems were found, what problems were found? I too have finally fallen victim what I believe is the head...
  15. Yet another key card issue.

    Hi all, been reading through the forum and have managed to fix the water leak and the electric windows thanks to helpful peeps on here but now the card has started to play up in my 07 megane 1.5 DCI. i have read through the sticky note on here and the recent post. I folded a bit of card and put...
  16. Alarm issue **Sorted**

    I***8217;ve a 2017 new grand scenic. I had the alarm box replaced last week under warranty as the alarm was going off if I either opened the door or started the car. . I***8217;m taking it back to the garage tomorrow as the alarm is going off now for the following reason. When the car opens...
  17. Scenic III (2013) Check Parking Brake Issue

    My Check Parking Brake warning light has recently come on my dashboard even though there appears to be nothing wrong with the operation of the electronic handbrake. I have checked the brake fluid level and borrowed a jdiag jd101 to see if I could diagnose any issue, but it does not find a fault...
  18. Renault Twingo 2014 Variable Valve Issue

    Hi everyone, hope this is in the right section! Took my Twingo to a garage after I encountered some issues with it starting up, then running when I was able to start it. I'm honestly not familiar with cars in the slightest, and the best way I could describe the issue was that it would rumble...
  19. 1.5 dCi 2005 Kangoo - Starting Issue but doing the miles!

    Hello all, Sorry that my first post is a request for help! I have been doing my nut in trying to work out what is wrong with our 55 plate Kangoo as it's struggling to start. I have looked at the sticky thread created by the user Coventry but other than the leak-off test everything seems OK...
  20. Megane starting issue

    Hi everyone, Not sure if this has been asked before but I have a 1992 Megane that starts one minute but not the next. Have full ignition but when I turn the key nothing happens. If i sit there taking the key out and repeating the progress it eventually turns over. But this could take a minute...