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  1. Wheels & tyres
    I have just purchased a kadjar with 19in wheels and on checking whether it was an inflation kit or spare wheel, I have noticed it is a spare wheel. This is great however there is no scissor jack or wheel wrench! I have therefore been looking at my options and I have decided I need at least a...
  2. Bodywork
    Hi everyone, I want to jack up my Renault Modus(2005) 1.2 16v Petrol. I know where to put my jacks but I don't know from which position to lift after.
  3. Bodywork
    I've been reading various forums which discuss the use of axle stands under sill jack up points over a long period of time (days, weeks even!). People seem to have very different opinions. Some say it is fine, as the points are reinforced to support the vehicle's weight. Others disagree, and...
  4. Bodywork
    I know where my jacking points are, but where are the best places to position 2 axle stands at the front end of the vehicle? I'm doing an oil change. Here's my equipment: Trolley Jack...
  5. Bodywork
    Does anyone know how to properly jack up a clio and where to put the axle stands? I own a Clio 3 phase 2 and can't seem to find the correct positions...:crying2:
  6. Tools & equipment
    I have a Renault Clio 1.2 16v Dynamique 3dr 2005 reg without a wheel jack set. Can anyone tell me whether a 2002 wheel jack would be suitable to use? Thanks
  7. Tools & equipment
    Hi guys I bought a 2011 Grabd Scenic today but where is the jack and tools in this vehicle. No place for them in the boot and tye spare wheel is underneath so not sure where they are!! I dont have the manual so cant check. Cheers Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  8. Cars & motoring
    Hi, I've recently brought a Renault Clio medianav 1.2, ive occurred a few problems with the dealership. My question is do you get a car jack as standard with is model of Clio. Thanks in advance
  9. Wheels & tyres
    Can anyone possibly give me the part numbers for a spare wheel and jack kit parts for a 2012 Scenic MKIII? I have just bought the car (today!) and it has a pump up kit in the boot. I would like to have a proper wheel instead. The dealership could supply the whole thing, but wants £200 for a...
  10. Wheels & tyres
    Hi All, I've recently bought a 2011 Laguna Estate & am just working my way through the defects that I didn't spot when I bought it! My current problem is when I tried to use the jack. I assumed it would be similar to the Laguna II we used to have, where the jack has a slot that the jacking...
  11. Bodywork
    I have located the jacking points on my Clio but they are just slightly widened bits of the sill. It doesn't seem enough, maybe 3cm. Also, the jack has a non-worthy bit that the car would sit on and this is bent, thinking of sawing it off as that would leave a plain flat platform (normal). Is...
  12. Tools & equipment
    Hi all, What's your thought on this for working on and under a Megane Scenic? Five Piece Lifting Kit I.E. would the jack be big enough to lift the ca?r, would the axle stands hold the weight?, never purchased something like this so just asking before buying. Hugh
  13. Tools & equipment
    Like an idiot, I didnt check for a jack or expanding foam kit when picking up our 05 Grand Scenic yesterday.:mad: The spare wheel is under the car and seems fine but I cannot find a jack. Is it meant to be in the slim compartment between the rear seats?
  14. Electronics
    I recently bought a 2012 Renault Fluence in Ireland. There are two auxiliary jacks for mp3 players on the dash - a red and a white coloured hole. I thought that a standard 3.5mm cable would be suffienct to connect my iPod to the auxiliary, but it doesn't fit. The 3.5mm is too wide. The manual...
  15. Cars & motoring
    Hi, I have a 2005 grand scenic without any handbook and i'm looking for help locating the Jack and Wheel brace :-( any help would be great Thanks John
  16. Wheels & tyres
    Can anyone tell me where to place axel stands to lift a Megane MK3? There is a groove beneath the side skirting for the supplied jack, i'm assuming i cannot put a trolley jack on that groove? if i use the factory supplied jack to lift the car at the specified groove, where can i place axle...
  17. Tools & equipment
    Hello All, Could some one give me the Renault Part Number for the correct car wheel jack for use on the 1998 R Registration Kangoo please. Are there other renaults that use the same jack so i can get a replacement one from the scrap yard. Should i not locate one directly from a kangoo...
1-17 of 31 Results