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  1. Laguna 2 rear jacking /stand points?

    Steering and Suspension
    Jus a final question before replacing the bushes (when it's not brass monkeys outside, obviously!) Where can I put the axle stands? I have a lovely diagram for the front, courtesy of mord.
  2. Laguna 3 jacking point for axle stands

    Tools & equipment
    Hi all, I have a Laguna 3 estate, I want to raise the front and put on axle stands. however no room for the trolley jack and stands at the jacking point. Is there a suitable point for the trolley jack which leaves the jacking point free for the axle stands or is there a better approach? Thanks...
  3. Jacking up my clio mk3, a really lame question

    Seasons Greetings to All, Clio 2012 Mk3 Tce My apologies for this lame and to some, stupid question; I wouldn't blame the more experienced on here replying that if I have to ask this I shouldn't be doing it, but here goes anyway... I've not had the car very long and I know from the experience...
  4. Jacking and axle stands points on Espace IV

    Cars & motoring
    Hi Just bought an Espace IV (2003) and need to do some basic maintenance (pads etc.), I have found the workshop manual for Espace IV but it only mentions one lifting point in each corner. But because I am gonna use a floor jack and stand axles I need two lifting points in each corner. Any...
  5. Renault Kangoo Jacking Point(s)

    Hi I am trying to find out the best jacking point and axle stand points on a Renault Kangoo 1.5DCI 2003 model. I have a good quality 2T trolley jack and two 3T axle stands but i just want to be sure of there position before i go underneath. Thanks in advance James.
  6. M�gane 1 rear jacking point rust

    Mégane 1 rear jacking point rust Hello, I've just been taking a look (hard poke) at the Mégane and made the following holes, I guess these will be an MOT fail? Fortunately it's not till April so I've got loads of time to find a replacement, I think it's time to move on rather than get it...
  7. Jack and jacking points

    I have located the jacking points on my Clio but they are just slightly widened bits of the sill. It doesn't seem enough, maybe 3cm. Also, the jack has a non-worthy bit that the car would sit on and this is bent, thinking of sawing it off as that would leave a plain flat platform (normal). Is...
  8. Scenic 1.4 16v petrol 2004 jacking points

    I am new to car maintenance. I am trying to locate the front and rear hydraulic jacking points to raise the vehicle. My Scenic has an engine undertray at the front partly obscuring the subframe. Please can anyone post a picture/diagram of both the front and rear jacking points for me to locate...
  9. Laguna II jacking point height?

    Hi guys! I am an enineering student, and my current task is to remodel a given car jack, and do all neccesary calculations. The task requires to work with the real-life parameters when possible. As I found out, the jack I was given belongs to a Laguna II, thats why I need to know the height of...
  10. Jacking misshap

    Hi, need a bit of help from you bodywork experts out there as im not one. Here's my dilemma: Im a mechanic, my Mum has a Renault Scenic the 2004 model & it needed a service so it was only right to help her out. So me & a friend, who is an apprentice for me & offered to help me out, decided to...
  11. Laguna 2 Jacking and Supporting

    Tools & equipment
    Hi All, I hope this question is in the most relevant section? I have tried relentlessly to find out how others successfully (and most importantly safely) jack up their phase 2 Renault Laguna yet their doesn't seem to be that much information out there. Since owning my Laguna I have had various...
  12. Jacking & supporting

    Tools & equipment
    Now this might sound like a daft question but, on a Clio where would you jack and support (front) using axle stands? I'm never quite sure and want to make sure that a) I'm safe and b) I don't damage the car. Thanks all.
  13. Megane II trolley jacking point

    Tools & equipment
    hi am new to the forum, was just wondering were the best place to put the jack is ? as the standard jack sits in a groove and is on a slight angle, using the trolley jack in this position could damage it as it seems to be just hard plastic. any help would be appricated thanks dave
  14. Clio 2006 Jacking points??

    Hello, does anyone have pictures or know where the jacking points are for the Clio on the front drivers side 2006? I am using a trolley jack. thanks!
  15. Grand Espace IV Jacking Points

    Hi, I've got to change the brake pads on my Grand Espace IV, as well as cleaning the cleaning the ABS sensors & fitting a Witter towbar. Although I'm not sure where the jacking points are. I've seen a previous post stating that the jacking points on a Espace III for a trolley jack are 2 inches...
  16. Scenic - Jacking disaster

    Right, you can all have a good laugh at me on this one, i just got a puncture in the rear nearside tyre and had to change the wheel in the dark..... i got all the kit out and jacked up on the jacking point....... except it wasn't the jacking point, just some plastic cap on the bottom of the sill...
  17. Jacking point (offside)

    Hi, i very rarely use the cars jack as i usualy use a trolley jack , however my trolley jack was not available and i had to use the cars jack and when i got it jacked up it decided to to tilt forward thus pushing the jacking point in so it is now bent in . I have noticed that there is a couple...
  18. Renault Clio 2 - (2001) Jacking Points

    Hi, I am wanting to Jack my Clio to do oild change, by using a Hydraulic Jack and Axle Stands. At the front, I use the diamond shape chasiss piece of metal, assunmung this is quite re-enforced? Can somebody send pictures detailing where on the underneath of the vehcle you should be using, as...
  19. Jacking the car...

    Tools & equipment
    Ok.. very basic I know but up to now I have always jacked my cars with the jack provided, but now have purchased a hydraulic jack.. I am wondering how exactly to jack the car which is 2002 Megane Coupe with this jack... My Dad advised me to put a pad (tico) over the top of the jack to avoid...
  20. Bad jacking point!

    Wheels & tyres
    I was at a Renault certified garage the other day getting some things checked. I know the technicians there, and they 're good at their jobs (they 've saved me from many motoring troubles these past few years). However while they were working on my car I saw something which I didn't...