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  1. Sd card jammed.

    Just purchased Clio mkIV Problem fiddling with new toy! Pressed the release sd card button. Maps disappear. Try to pull out the sd card - will not budge. Seems solid, no spring bounce back as on my laptop. Stucked! Tried to push a little harder to get back in place - computer say no card...
  2. plz help gear jammed in 1st with no warning

    hi everyone i was wondering if you can help me please i would really be grateful if you can. we bought a scenic mk1 phase 2 1.6 manual about 4 weeks ago the car had not been looked after, i had to scrub the inside before we could drive it think the previous owner had sticky messy kids. anyway...
  3. Scenic 2 tailgate lock jammed closed

    Hi, I am new to this forum but I have a 2005 scenic, the tailgate lock suddenly stopped opening. I purchased a new genuine lock changed the old one for the new one. Tested it with a screwdriver with door open and the button switch 4 times all good. Closed the door before replacing the door...
  4. Megane 3 jammed gas pedal

    Hey guys,i wonder if this happened to other megane 3 users (1.5diesel model 2012) or it's just me,i was driving this afternoon going to supermarket,have'nt used my car for 10 days but this problem has happened in the past so many times already,my gas pedal jammed for 3 times while driving to...
  5. Jammed bonnet - please help.

    bonnet release wire snapped how to get into engine to release catch to put new wire in on a 2007 grande acienic
  6. Clio Boot Door Jammed

    We have a 2010 Clio 1200i Music 5 door. My wife has managed to close the boot lid trapping her handbag strap through the lock mechanism. As a result the boot door cannot be opened. It either can be slightly forced fully shut (and the central locking works) or comes open about a centimetre and...
  7. Espace III 1998 with one Door jammed lock while another cant lock

    ok so i have an Espace III 1998 with one Door behind driver jammed lock while the other back door never locks, my keys do not work even when adding new batteries and see the red light on, i synchronize the key yet within 15 mins i have to enter the can from the door that does not lock, so far...
  8. Scenic 2 2007 rear brakes jammed on

    Yes folks its the old parking brake fault message again..worked fine for a year after i replaced the the fault message flashed several times over the last week or so then permanent..brakes locked on..Now I must be the most unfortunate scenic owner in britain as my car aint got no...
  9. renault megane middle rear seat belt jammed when seat is folded down

    In-car entertainment
    hi have search this but still getting nothing, please help! I have folded the back seats down and now can't get them back up on my Renault Megane 1.6 Vvt Dynamique 5Dr Petrol Estate the middle rear seat belt jammed when seat is folded down and is preventing it from going back up, is there a...
  10. Megane convertable fuel flap is jammed

    I have a 56 plate Megane 1.6 petrol convertable and the fuel flap won't open. I have tried repeatedly locking and unlocking the doors etc with the key fob but it's still stuck. I've lifted the carpets in the boot and searched for an emergency pull release (which has been mentioned in earlier...
  11. 56 Plate Megane Cabriolet Fuel Flap Jammed

    I have a 56 plate Megane 1.6 petrol convertable and the fuel flap won't open. I have tried repeatedly locking and unlocking the doors etc with the key fob but it's still stuck. I've lifted the carpets in the boot and searched for an emergency pull release but can't locate one anywhere. I've also...
  12. Urgent Help Needed!, Megane CC Roof Jammed!

    Hi I need urgent help !!! We just drove home from shopping, pressed the button to put the roof back up and it closed but the boot part won't close! Is there a manual override or something? i tried giving it a gentle push whilst pushing the button. Its a 2003 Megane convertible and i hate it...
  13. Fuel flap jammed renault clio 3-07 dci 1.5 ripcurl

    Went to the station to fill up the car, tried opening the flap but could not. I have gone through the whole forum and saw quite few responses all most of them say that there is a manual hook or lever (where the seat belt mechanism) in the booth but i couldnt find it even after removing all the...
  14. Rear electric window jammed

    The rear electric windows have jammed, how do I remove the mechanism?
  15. Renault Clio III boot lock jammed

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hello, I have renault clio iii 2007 model. Recently i started to have a problem with boot lock. before the boot would open randomly whenever i got out of the car. Now the boot is totally jammed, i cant get it open and i tried few times pressing the switch but all was in vain. Any help will be...
  16. seat belt jammed in rear door.

    Unable to open the rear door on my scenic as the seat belt is jammed in it, including the fastener!!! It looks to be in the position of the door catch. I took a photograph of it but cannot download it on to the page. I have tried pushing against the door with my feet, with my wife holding the...
  17. New EGR jammed open

    From a read from the main dealer I replaced my EGR valve (got my brother in law to replace it). EGR valve replaced I took it to a local mechanic and they cleared the codes off. The check injection and check emissions warning messages did not go off. He did another read to see what's going on...
  18. Start button jammed on Espace.

    Hi, I have an automatic Espace which hasn't been used for a few months due to it needing work done. I've just went to move it to the garage for work to start but the start button is jammed and will not depress, would anybody have an idea on what would cause this? Thank you
  19. Master Shock absorber stuck in wishbone

    Steering and Suspension
    I have a 2002 2.2 DCi Master the front offside shock absorber bush is jammed in the lower wishbone. I would be grateful for any ideas on how to get it out, or a way to attach a new shock absorber to the bush.
  20. Clio handbrake jammed on.

    Hi, Went to pull away today in my 2002 Clio Expression and found that the handbrake would not release on one of the wheels. Is this common and what is the likely reason? I won't be able to strip it untill the weekend, but any info on how best to fix it and of what parts might be required will...