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  1. Stephen Hawking. Jim Bowen R.I.P.

    General Chat
    Another two personalities have sadly passed away today Stephen Hawking 76 and Jim Bowen 80:frown2::frown2:
  2. Jim

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  3. Jim G.

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi All, My 2001 1600cc Megane failed its MOT ,with worn torsion bar bushes/bearings,and it looks as if I may have to replace the rear axle/subframe. I can't find anything on this site that refers to the rear axle. Has anybody had any experience with this repair. I joined this great site a few...
  4. It's dead Jim!!!

    Here's my tale of woe! 0430 the Mrs goes in to labour, quickly zoom to the hospital and I park up and definitely switch off everything before dashing inside. Baby arrives and about 3 hours later I get back in the car (2003 Espace 1.9 dci), it starts fine and I go back home, about 1 mile in...
  5. jim

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    my espace 2001 petrol turns over but doesn,t start. i've tried renewing the crank sensor, checking all the fuses, fuel pump sounds ok and plugs are sparking so i've found a carbon filter at the side of the engine that seems to have something to do with the fuel system and another 2 filters on...
  6. Jim

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    Megane owner
  7. Renault Clio 3 - Horn Location

    Hi, I am new to this forum and hope it can be helpful. I have a Clio 3 2006. I want to replace the rather squeaky horn. I have looked all over the front but cannot find the horn.I suspect that the whole front end will have to be lowered in order to get at it. Any advice would be...
  8. Jim Clark

    General Chat
    A tribute to Jim Clark on now on BBC4
  9. Jim Clark Rally

    Well iam interested to know if we have anyone going to the this Rally this weekend in Duns in the Scottish Borders??? I know that a Mk I Escort will be making an outing at this event now iam not sure if it is his or not?it was just a clip i seen on the new this evening??, iam sure it will be...
  10. Head gaskit?

    Espace 2.2DTI. I have oil in the water .Any ideas? It starts and runs fine.The oil is not mixed in with the water And the cooling system does not seen to over pressurise. Would this be the dreaded head gasket?
  11. Jumps from the Jim Clark Rally

    Motorsport pics & clips
    Just thought i would share this with you all:eek: the second car done well to straighten it out:d Enjoy Cheers Donald Qpx9c3zT6EY&feature=related i61LZ0c3mNo&NR=1
  12. Jim Clark - 40 years on

    Other motorsports
    I have visited Duns many times and always visit the museum R.I.P Jim
  13. Aye Aye Jim lad

    General Chat
    Shiver me timbers..... Strike the mainbrace..... 18 parrots on a dead mans chest.... or what ever it is they say It's International talk like a pirate day soon. .
  14. Lag MK1 ABS. Its dead jim!

    Wheels & tyres
    I was searching for a driveshaft vibration by picking up each front wheel in turn an running the car in gear while watching the indicated road speed. I swapped sides a couple of times. I picked up the left side (which turned out to be the problem) and the speedo quit. The "SERVICE" and "ABS"...