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  1. pig of a job - replacing headlight bulbs on a Clio 2

    General Chat
    had to replace 2 dipped h7 Bulb on my wife's Clio 2 2003 car today - it was freezing outside but dry. What a pig of a job getting them back into the headlight , - i have changed numerous bulbs on many cars before and they have been a piece of **** but feck me, whether I was doing it wrong or...
  2. TL4 clutch DIY job, is it doable?

    thinking my clutch my need a change soon. now i am considering doing this myself, but just how difficult is it to do on a driveway, with only jack and jack stands? think i will invest in a engine bar to hold the engine up post gearbox mount disconnect. how heavy is the gearbox and is it a pain...
  3. 2010 Megane III - EST-ABS Unit Faulty - DIY Job?

    Has anyone replaced their EST-ABS unit? (Does EST just stand for Estate, or is this a specific part of the broader ABS system?) Car is currently in at the main dealers as no local garages had the correct equipment to read ABS faults. They've come back this morning and told us that the EST-ABS...
  4. A little Welding Job

    General Chat Did the tug escape?
  5. yearly job

    General Chat
    Been snowing so out doing my yearly job as I am on a hill I walk down to the cross roads get x2 buckets of salt from the salt bin then from the cross roads up salt the road and paths when I go down the next time it snows there will none left due to locals doing there gardens with it then they...
  6. Remove black list from front/rear/doors on Renault Megane mk2 (for paint job)

    Hi, i wonder how i remove the lists on a Megane 2005 because i am going to leave them so they paint it the same color as the car. I think the sides on the doors are not so difficult. But the front and back bumper, i have no idea. Can somebody help me. Explain for me the procedur. PS it's...
  7. Parts for brake job on car under extended warranty

    I have a Megane 3 2010 model and took it to a Renault dealer for a check up, they told me that it will soon need new front pads and discs and new rear pads. I checked and I agree with them. They quoted £192 to do the job. As the car is under extended warranty I thought I would do the job...
  8. Renault 5 85 1l master cylinder a big job?

    Hi, The brake fluid hasn't been changed in at least 9 years on the above super 5 we have in France that is only used over the summer. After being able to feel the bottom of the pedal travel I look it to a main dealer asking for the fluid to be changed. They are saying the master cylinder needs...
  9. 1.9dci Big End Bearing Shells - big job?

    As I said in my other thread my car (laguna II 1.9dci) dropped all it's coolant and overheated causing the engine to stop itself. With the coolant pipe fixed I drove home about 300 miles with thin burnt oil (but plenty of it). Now I have a tapping sound coming from around (I think) the bottom of...
  10. Best job?

    YouTube Acceleration at around 2mins 55 s is :crazy:
  11. Two job's done

    Steering and Suspension
    First job was the front disc's+pads that was easy took about 1 hour,the second job was the rear subframe bushes that went well took about 2 i have front brakes that work and no more knocking when i go over a bump.:d:d
  12. Job lot of spares for a Mk1 Laguna

    For sale
    i got a load of bits some new, some used from my old Laguna 1 (1.8/2.0 F3p/r) 8v engine FULL SET of GAS Shocks and springs (fronts are 35mm hub bracket fitting), (rears are OEM) with MAD Coilover springs. gives high ride height and very firm sporty ride. Starter motor(recon) Alternator...
  13. What is your job ? or any interesting past jobs?

    General Chat
    What do Renault owners do for a living? Lets find out! Me first then:- Unemployed at present, but previously NHS Recruitment (ironically) & Administration Officer, Parcel Courier, Estate Agent, & Insurance Underwriter.
  14. Next job to tackle, no main beam, KANGOO

    Hi Renault fans, My Kango project is ongoing and my next pressing problem is curing a main beam issue. If I turn on the lights and pull back the L/H stalk, then the main beams flash, but revert to dip as soon as I let go of the stalk. Faulty stalk switch seems the obvious thing.....or relay?
  15. pig of a job!!!!!

    getting the egr out of my 1.9d kangoo,but after a fight my dad and i bashed it twisted it bashed it more, twisted it more sprayed it with half tin of carb cleaner,plusgas it eventually came out and is now replaced and running lovely
  16. renault master 2.2 dci non starter after head gasket job

    Hi All,... I'm at my wits end, have just replaced the head gasket on my master 2.2 dci, timed up accordingly , with the correct locking tools, and the pump "timed" with the line in vision at the speed sensor hole,(to ensure not 180 out). was running fine prior to dismantle everything connected...
  17. Reading area: Anyone want a Suspension job ?

    General Chat
    Hi all, I need both lower suspension arms replacing on my Laguna II V6. I already have the complete arms from Euro Car Parts. Most local mechanics, and Renault want around £180 per arm to fit !. Which seems OTT to me. Unfortunately due to health issues, there is no way i can fit them...
  18. brake lines. Hard job??

    Hi all ive got a 2000 x reg 1.6 laguna 1 rt. whilst looking into another problem that needs fixing i noticed that the front brake lines (metal/copper ones) have lots of corrosion over them (more rust then paint) and as it will most likely fail its MOT on these (got about 7 months left) and...
  19. Ferrari: We can get the job done

    Formula 1 news the staunchest Ferrari fans have been tested to their limits over recent months, watching on as the Italian team endured one of the toughest starts to a campaign in their long history. But after much soul searching and a lot of hard...
  20. new paint job

    painted roof bonnet wing and rear quarter then decided i might as well paint the whole car. never painted before. 3 coats of base and 3 coats of clear. i think this might be the most shiney 51 plate on the road and it hasnt been flat and polished yet.