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  1. John's Introduction

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi All, I am a new member to the forum and also a new member to the Renault owners club. I have recently bought a New Renault Megane Estate DCI Signature Nav. I live in Winchester Hampshire and drive frequently. I am hoping to find some answers from some niggley points with my new car...
  2. RIP John Noakes

    General Chat
    Aged 83. But been suffering with Alzheimer's, so, according to Peter Purvis, "was a blessing" Former Blue Peter presenter John Noakes dies at 83 - BBC News .
  3. John Brinkworth

    Hi I was coming from whitchurch along the A41 to wolverhampton when a cloud of white smoke came from my exaust pipe I checked my oil and there was not a drop on the dip stick I got some oil from a garage and continued to wolverhampton,no smoke until I got off the M54 then there were clouds of...
  4. John,Traffic heater plug light staying on.

    Hi can you please help me. My 55 reg Traffic 1870cc has the heater plug dash light staying on when driving. do you know why ?can anyone help. Thanks John.
  5. Newbie john

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hello decided to get a Clio and have a few problems lol any ideas as to why I can't post in the technical forums ?
  6. john w

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    hi! everyone just joined hope you are all good.
  7. R.I.P John Button.

    General Chat
    Its a sad time for the Button Family ,Jensons dad John found dead in his apartment in France ,cause of death a suspected heart attack he was 70yrs old...R.I.P John Button.
  8. John Ledwick

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Never had a Renault before so may find information from those who have had similar car to mine very helpful.
  9. Mad john williams here

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi all pleased to meet you all on this forum love my Renault it is my baby but very sick at the moment.
  10. john h

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi My name is John I'm currently driving a 2005 Megane sporttourer 1.5dCi 85 diesel which is very nice to drive and very economical.My wife's care is a 2001Clio 1.5dCi which is even more economical and just £30 to tax.If I was buying a new car I would go for the new 2013 Clio diesel ,a good...
  11. John

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi my name is John and i own 2 renaults with the 1.5 engine. This is my first post and im feeling my way. Im having problems with the Modus. It lay over the holidays and now it wont start. I have changed the fuel filter fitted new glow plugs also new fuel pressure sensor and set of injectors...
  12. John B - door locking problem

    I have just bought a renault megane fiji 1.4 5 door 2002 as a run around for my retirement. The problem i am having is when i open the doors electronically the front drivers door remains locked and i have to get in the passenger side to open. All the other doors work. To open it manually there...
  13. John

    The speedo does not work on my 1.4 02 scenic what is wrong:(
  14. John Kilcullen

    2002 RenaultMeganeDynamique16V 1.4 Petrol Immobiliser and Ignition key fob problems car won,t start resds immobilser fault. Or won,t respond at all to card HELP
  15. john

    Heating & cooling
    Enjoy driving the automatic, petrol seven seater. But now as the cold has arrived the air con (icar heater) has broken and i am looking for a mechanic for help, any ideas?
  16. john

    radio wirer from radio to aerial
  17. John Hopkins Gets MotoGP Wildcard Ride

    Bikes news
    Good news for John,he deserves his place back in MotoGP..... Hopefully with the new teams coming into the series next year he'll get a full time ride again.:)
  18. john evans

    have a renault megane scenic 2000 green reg no :censored: want to know exact colour code for this car any ideas:confused:
  19. John McGuinness Wins No.16 At The TT

    Bikes news
    John McGuinness won his 16th race at the Isle Of Man TT in todays Superbike event,more heartache for Guy Martin though,he retired on his 5th lap..... If you missed the coverage on ITV4 then you...
  20. any 1 like john bishop?

    General Chat
    rite im going to see him tonight first time seeing the guy live any 1 been to see him before and was it good?:d