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    Hi! I've joined up here for info on our new family car, owned by my mum, a 2010 Renault Scenic. Its a little sick atm and i'm hoping to see if something can be done at home. It will be going back to the dealer anyway as its under warrenty , but i'm nosy and i guess i have a "Technical mind"...
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    Hi Folks just joined to see if we can share problems and solutions. Hope we can all help each other***x1f44d;
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    Hi :smile2: Joined this forum to seek help and advices. I'm the owner of a Renault Clio IV 1.5 dci Expression ST. Best Regards Jacob
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    Bonjour mes amis from a proud owner of a Mk1 facelift Trafic AutoSleeper Campervan.
  5. Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi everyone. My name is Seamy and I have just bought a 2016 tragic sport 9 seater with 15,500 mile. Looking forward to reading and taking part in the forums.
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    Hi im Steve from stoke on trent UK
  7. Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi, Thank you guys for letting me join this site, will be a while before I get my head around it, lol, (being a OAP).
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    just bought a 1988 renault trafic campervan and am new to the site, so thought i should say hi
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    Hello all, I'm Phil from the North East UK. We have a Grand Scenic 3, I believe? 11 plate anyway. We've had it from nearly new and had little to no problems until now. I've joined up to get help about the electonic handbrake which appears to have jammed on, but I'm joining in on a thread over in...
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    Hi, Just joined. Hoping to get answers so I can try and fix the more simpler things and have an idea on the bigger things, so I can keep up with the mechanic! Thanks for having me...:laugh:
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    Hi, I am a new member- having just purchased a 2011 Laguna Dynamique Tomtom 2.0 dci 150 showing 77000 miles on the speedo. It looks lovely and sounds more refined than the Passat 2.0 tdi we already own. The only things missing are service history and the Info Systems SD Card. The VW had a...
  12. Engines
    Hello everyone Been recommended to come and register here as you guys could help me. Nice to meet you all My mother has a Renault Megane convertible 2004 and it overheated the other night. I have been to check on the car and there seems to be a rubber hose stopper type cap near the dipstick...
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    Hi, finally joined this forum after owning a Renault Megan Scenic for the past 3-4 years.
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    Hi just joined, Neil from Leeds uk, just bought a cheap Renault Scenic 1.9dCi 2004 not had it a week yet runs lovely few issues but not bothered as it was cheap, only thing i have done is change the radio as the standard one wouldnt search for radio stations.
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    Hello have just joined. have a kangoo 2003, 1.5dci. it has a few issues which I could use some help with. for now though, just hello everyone.
  16. Engines
    My recent purchase of 2004 2.0 megane vvt dynamique was fine for the first 3 weeks then all of a sudden while i was driving, check gearbox light appeared on display and at the bottom 'service' light also appeared, the gearbox got sluggish. I parked the car switched off then on again. All was ok...
  17. Wanted
    Hi I'm after a clio 182! Tried most sites you can look for a car! Gumtree ebay piston heads autotrader can anyone help! Thanks Holly
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    Hi Just joined. I drive a 2012 Trafic. Joined to have a browse about and hopefully get some info ideas. Andy
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    Hi guys, Just joined your informative and interesting forum. I live in Whitstable, Kent and have a 1998 Clio 1.4 RT. So if any one can give my any help and/or advice on this, it will be greatly received.
  20. Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi to everyone , I am from UK, Berkshire. I found this forum unbiased and quite helpful .