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    :smile2:Hi Newbie here, have had Renaults in past and enjoyed them :smile2:
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    Hi all. Moving from a 125cc bike to a Clio III hopefully in the new year, hopefully, have test done by the end of January. Looking for honest opinions on the Dynamique 1.4 which looks to be sitting right in my price range, and very cheap to insure for a new driver.
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    Hi, I'm Thiago from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I'm the owner of a Laguna MK1 RXE 2.0 16V (engine N7Q Volvo) and I'm working in a full restoration of the car. I hope I can count on you from the forum to answer my questions.
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    This is the real 'Renoir White'
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    Hi Everyone and thanks for the forum membership. Having a problem with my scenic and hopeing that someone may offer a little advice and help. Kind regards all Ade
  6. Electronics
    My fan has started giving up due to the block connector that plugs into the heater resistor has melted so I was going to cut the block connector off a donor car and connect it up but what's the best way?? Automotive connectors or solder and heat shrink?? Thanks
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    Hi , folks , we are penwith renault , an independant renault speclist in cornwall , we will do our best to offer any advise that we can . We are a renault trade partner and have full access to the parts database as well. So see you all soon , the team at penwith.
  8. [email protected] Troubleshooting
    In reply to message from Roy here is a simple guide to installing Folding @ Home on your Linux System. The best way to get [email protected] installed on your system is to run the scripts provided on the Ubuntu Community site. These scripts should run ok on most other distros. Download the tarball: Open a...
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    These questions should answer your worries, so please join us Details can be found on the left hand side Will [email protected] reduce the security of my computer? The [email protected] client and distributed computing system is no less safe than other programs that you can download from the internet and run on...
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    Hi everybody, I'm the newcomer on this forum, and hope share my exepriece about my Renault Trafic with you. Also, get some tips that i couldn't find on other forums about Renault.
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    Hi guy's, been trying to take care of the RTI since buying for £500.00!! such a nice car to drive but why o' why is everything so hard to find for them... '95 RTI 16V 2.0 SPORT British Racing Green Been gurgling out the back end so i changed the back box and the middle double box, still...