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  1. Steering and Suspension
    Hi all Just wondering if anyone might know where i may get a press tool to allow me to change the bottom ball joint on my 2004 Renault Megane as Ball Joint is easier to replace than the whole lower arm.
  2. Steering and Suspension
    Hi all, So my mk3 clio basically failed its MOT because of an excessively worn ball joint on the passenger side. The drivers side was an advisory as too were both suspension arm pins/bushes. Given that the bushes are about to go it would make sense just to replace the entire lower control arms...
  3. Steering and Suspension
    Hi I***8217;ve seen a 2005 Renault grand scenic 7 for sale and needed some advice. It***8217;s had the same owner for 10 years and has 12 months mot and full service history. There are a couple of issues i have picked up from the mot history and wondered if I should leave alone? Basically on...
  4. Steering and Suspension
    Hi, Renault grand scenic 2007 petrol. Front lower arm ball joint removal, it will not come out if the arm. What is the correct tool or method? Everything is apart, caliper out way bar removing this from the trailing arm. It's 40mm across the splines. I've hit it but decided I needed advice. Kev
  5. Ask the Experts
    Hi. I was trying to replace the out CV hood but I encountered a problem trying to remove the CV joint. I was trying to just tap it off but it won't budge. Then I looked more closely and it looks like it comes off further down the shaft but I still have no idea how to remove it. Here are the...
  6. Steering and Suspension
    Can anyone tell me which part is the Front Track rod end ball joint dust cover? Apparently mine is badly split on my 2011 Megane. The only rubber part I see is that big rubber in the attached pic. Is that the dust cover they are referring to? I take it this rubber comes fitted already to a track...
  7. Steering and Suspension
    Hi all. I've just gotten back from a safety check. I need to have the front right lower ball joint replaced. Parts and fitment, I'm looking at around £160. Fair price? Any recommendations on where to have it done in Harrogate area? Thanks.
  8. Steering and Suspension Son had MOT on his 60 plate Kia rio 2 petrol yesterday and had advisory on N/S ball joint..part is as link..been searching for 2x nuts and bolts for securing on the lower arm and finding nothing can anyone help with a possible supplier for...
  9. Steering and Suspension
    Help...! I've watched every video, read every article, and still cannot escape the feeling I must be doing something wrong because I cannot get this thing out. At this point my biggest worry is I feel like the flat part at the bottom is going to separate from the ball before it comes out of the...
  10. Steering and Suspension
    Help! We have a 96 aster MK1 Horsebox, it has failed the MOT on what looks like a ball joint at the end of a bar, it has three bolts on Triangle shaped plate, Renault say it is discontinued and it i proving almost ipossible to get hold of one. Any idea where m have one, it is a TRW part. I...
  11. Steering and Suspension
    I’ve got a 2005 Renault Master that needs the passenger side, Upper Ball Joint replacing. I’ve had a variety of quotes (£350, £250, £120 > Mobile replacement), though from what I can see, it’s not a hard job (I had both hubs off recently, so that part should be easier this time) and can be...
  12. Transmissions
    Hello, my name ich Chris and i am from Germany. My car ist a 2004 Vivaro Life with PK6 gearbox an i love the car. Since a few weeks a hafe a vibratioen during accerlation between 45 an 55 mp/h. I proofed the drifeshaft left / right an they will be fine, also the gearbox and engine...
  13. Steering and Suspension
    I'm looking at the MOT history of a MK3 Megane. The frequency of CV failure looks odd to me! It failed at 52k, had repairs, then failed at 54k with CV issues again. Can someone explain to me what this means? Should I stay clear of the car? I'm looking at it from a buyer's perspective. Thank you...
  14. Engines
    Anyone know where I can buy pinch bolts cheaper than renaults at nearly £9 each?
  15. Steering and Suspension
    So I got inspection done for my car(RENAULT CLIO III 2012) today and have to replace ball joint front left and was wondering if its easier to replace the wishbone or just the ball joint? Is it very hard to replace? Also have to fix my foglamps as they are blending, how would I go on about...
  16. Steering and Suspension
    Hi everyone: it’s a bit hard finding the answer to this in New Zealand where my coupé is unique—though it may have the most common configuration of any petrol model in the UK. I own a 10 reg Mégane III I-Music coupé, with the 1·6 110 PS petrol engine. I showed my mechanic this link, but his...
  17. Transmissions
    hi I have a 2006 master front cv joint getting hot have changed shaft and wheel bearing but still getting hot and I have shaking 55-65 mph and it is strange when turning right thanks
  18. Steering and Suspension
    For all those people out there who need to do this but don't have the funds, here's what I've done instead of changing the whole control arm, I tracked down a knocking noise the other day to a failed ball joint, being a cheap skate I couldn't fork out for the full control arm, so shopped around...
  19. Steering and Suspension
    Hi, I am to replace the lower ball joints on my Clio over the weekend and need before I start to know the reassembly torque values, has anyone any idea ? For both the mounting bolts on the wishbone and the fixing bolt on the hub.
1-19 of 138 Results