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  1. Modus headlight bulb change Ques

    hi, i am new to the renault forums. i have a 2010 modus 1.2 dynamique. i have seen somewhere that the newer models of the modus (2007 onward) have simplified the renewal of the dipped beam headlight ie you dont have to take off the bumper to perform this task. i dont have to do this yet but...
  2. paul jones

    hi, I have a big problem with my megane scenic 1.6 auto. The immobilser light is flashing quickly to indicate there's a problem and the engine won't start. I have spoke to several people about immobilser bypass and re coding of keys but most people have said to take the ecu out and send it off...
  3. Kathryn jones

    Hi, I have a Renault Megan Cabriolet , 1.6 2007 model and my back window would not go down for a long time and now it has recently gone down and will not come up! It sounds like the motor is still working as there is a ticking sound when the ignition is on, but when I press the switch the...
  4. Rhys Jones accused - GUILTY

    General Chat
    At last, some justice and hopefully some closure for the family