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judder or misfire

  1. Clio 1.2 16v 2002 misfire problem

    Hi all Im hoping someone might have had a similar problem and can advise me. Im in no way an expert so excuse me if I seem a bit dense! I have a 1.2 dynamique, 2002 16v thats suddenly started to misfire on Sunday after a long drive. Symptoms are strong juddering in idle, loss of power...
  2. Scenic 3 1.5dci - judder/misfire at 1600 rpm under load

    My 2010 Scenic has nearly 40,000 mile on it. In 5th or 6th gear, if the revs drop to less than 1800rpm and I put even the slightest load on the engine (a slight uphill gradient for example) the engine shudders and judders and the electronic rev counter can clearly been seen dancing up and down...
  3. judder/misfire at low revs especially idle

    Hi all, I drive a 2002 Renault Scenic Fidji 1.4 (28,800 on the clock) and have a problem with a serious judder/misfire, noticeable at low revs especially idle. When you listen to the exhaust, each judder of the engine gives a puff noise and you get a blast of exhaust at the same time (no...