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  1. Clio 1.2 16v mk3 low/erratic idle

    Hey! Few weeks ago bought a new car, clio expression 1.2 16v 56 plate mark 3, 80k miles on the clock however immaculate. After driving it around I’ve learned that it has a horrible rough idle problem, when using the clutch the car judders and has very little power and when moving off and tried...
  2. Modus 1.2 Petrol juddering when pulling up hill

    I have a 2006 Modus 1.2 petrol. Lately it appears to be misfiring (new plugs fitted two months ago) so I took it to the garage they connected it to the computer and said there were no faults showing plugs, coils all OK. They didn't know what it could be and thought it wasn't too bad but to be...
  3. LAGUNA 2.0 dCi 150 Dynamique - Car Juddering on idle

    Heating & cooling
    Evening people, Hoping somebody can help or point me in the right direction to a fix. I have owned my Laguna from new in 2011 and it has done almost 200000 with me and never missed a beat, I have had no problems with it at all apart from the usual wear and tear until just recently. When the...
  4. Juddering noise under car (Captur)

    Cars & motoring
    Just bought a new Captur 2018, but I get a juddering noise from under the car particularly when driving in low gears. Took the car back to Renault dealership they spent two hours trying to resolve it. Then took me for a test drive in another Captur to illustrate to me that this was not a fault...
  5. Megane juddering under 30mph

    Hi all. I asking for my auntie. She has a 2007 petrol 1.6 Megane. After the car warms up the car judders under 30mph anything above it drives normal. Any ideas please before a garage stings her? Thank you
  6. Juddering when accelerating

    I have a Renault grand scenic diesel 2011 Tom Tom 5dr. It started juddering when on motorway and overtaking. Engine failure light came on. Thought it was clutch but took to garage and wasn***8217;t that. Took it to Renault they said could be fuel pipe letter in air so changed it (fixes 8/10...
  7. Clio 1.4 engine clunking and juddering when accelerating

    Hey guys, new to this site and just looking for some help or advice. I bought a Clio 1.4 dynamique last month, full service history, 56 plate, mk3, and 50k on the clock. Really happy with it for my first car but just driving home on the bypass I notice the engine management light flickering on...
  8. Clio 1.4 engine clunking and juddering when accelerating

    Hey guys, new to this site and just looking for some help or advice. I bought a Clio 1.4 dynamique last month, full service history and 50k on the clock. Really happy with it for my first car but just driving home on the bypass I notice the engine management light flickering on and off and the...
  9. Clio 1.1 juddering

    not sure if this is the right place to post but here goes...... I have a 1.1 2006 Renault Clio campus sport ......the car judders every day and its driving me mental, the car is well used, I've had the car since march and has done 15,000 mile since so I'm not too sure if this could be the...
  10. Car juddering and jolting(cold engine)

    I have a 2011 Renault Clio I Music 1.2, when you drive off while the engine is cold it will judder and jolt in the lower gears for a few minutes then its ok when the engine heats up a bit. Its more irritating than anything as it only lasts a few minutes, any idea what could be causing this? Only...
  11. Violent juddering in 2004 Modus 1.4 releasing clutch in 1st

    I recently bought a 2004 Modus 1.4 16V (petrol), 72,000 miles. It is in reasonably tidy condition and a reasonable 'runner' with one major issue which comes up somtimes which I would like to understand and fix: When starting the car, and for the first ~5minutes of driving, putting the car...
  12. Megane Juddering When Accelerating *Fixed*

    Hello, Recently my Megane has developed a strange juddering / jerky motion upon accelerating. The juddering can occur in any gear. The issue can start at any time, whether I've been driving for an hour or just a couple of seconds. Everything seems in order under the bonnet. Can't detect any...
  13. 1.9d Megane juddering after auxiliary belt fail**Fixed**

    1.9D Megane Grand Scenic 2004 Running perfectly till the auxiliary belt came off due to the tensioner bearings failing. AA brought us home. I replaced: Tensioner. Auxiliary belt. Alternator (as there was a smell of burning from this when tensioner collapsed and the very good AA...
  14. 05 Scenic Juddering under 25/30MPH

    Hi all first post As it says in the title seems to judder under 30MPH once im over that runs as smooth as anything . Iv read could be Coil Pack on here but wondered if any other quick suggestions to try ? if not I can get all 4 on ebay for around £27 and seem easy to fit so might just have a...
  15. Help! Intermittent juddering and emissions light flashing

    Hi! Here's a little history that hopefully helps when I get to the problem. 2001 - My partner's Renault Clio mk2 was born :) 2014 - Experienced a lot of juddering and unburnt fuel smell. Fault was down to faulty/failed coil pack. It was replaced and all was fine. 2015 - Similar juddering and...
  16. Megane 1 petrol juddering, misfiire, not turning over

    Hi, Please help. I must admit it was a cheap buy, but need must and all that.. Megane 1.6 convertible 111k miles recent service bought for £200. Drove for a week no issues, other than the lower gearbox mount was worn (replaced). Then it all started. Came out of a shop and within a few yards...
  17. Juddering front wipers

    One of my front wipers drivers side is juddering the blades are genuine Renault and only 3 months old I have cleaned the screen with everything including polish any suggestions
  18. Renault Clio expression 1.2 juddering whilst driving

    Hello all, I'm new to the forum. I joined in the hope that people with more knowledge than me could shed some light on a problem I'm having no with my 1.2 Renault Clio expression 54-reg. The issue occurs predominantly when I am trying to maintain a steady speed and is most noticeable in 3rd...
  19. Renault Scenic Mk1 2.0L Juddering Under Load

    Had my Scenic (04 build plate but Mark 1) 2.0L since new. Just after a service it has now started this business of juddering under any sort of load. It's most noticeable when you try to put your foot down but also does it when you cruise up to the lights and then depress the clutch pedal. I...
  20. 2001 diesel megane juddering

    Hi, my 2001 megane has the glow plug warning light on and the engine is juddering a lot, does anyone have any ideas what the problem might be. thanks