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  1. Captur - Electrical faults after jump start **Sorted**

    Hi all This morning i had to jump start my partners car (correctly) from my captur as she left her lights on overnight and now my car is displaying several faults and the check engine light is on, faults include: Battery charging fault Check stop and start Check auto lighting Window wipers...
  2. Ignition coil fault after jump start

    Hi, I've been having problem after problem with my van of late, all started with injectors not clamping down properly and problems with helicoils biting etc etc... So anyway, today after starting on and off without running, the battery was drained so borrowed some leads and the lad helping me...
  3. Portable Power Bank Car Jump Starter Pack

    Has anybody got any experience with these smaller jumper packs?---> do they compare with the "original" larger type.The capacity/ouputs vary this example is 3000MaH..thanks...
  4. New High Jump record entered in the Guiness Book of Records.....

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    This from a kneeling position. The contestant must be on their knees and jump from a static position. The record, 0.765 metres. From a kneeling position !!! The photo below, taken just before the record was set gives an idea how it was achieved.
  5. Jump to threads

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi; i'm sure it's only me. But how does one 'jump to' start a new thread on tech issues? So far every time i've put something on, i seem to have only put them in the starter page (where is says 'do not post tech threads here'). Is the an easy way to 'jump to' from the home page? Many tars.
  6. Jump Start

    My friend has an old Jaguar which he wants me to jump start from my 2010 Megane Sport Tourer, will I have any electronic issues if I oblige with this request?
  7. megane08 stalled after being jump started+++++

    hi everyone...... im a new renault owner of one week & in that week my car broke a serpentine belt...which i have replaced sucessfully...sort of...when belt broke i had to drove it as far as i could issues at all , but when i went to start it again, it wouldnt start as it had drained...
  8. 1.5DCI Fuel Pressure problems, Non Starting, Only Jump starting possible.

    I have a Kangoo 2006 1.5DCI. Started off with problems starting first thing in the morning, which then turned into problems starting at any time, even immediately after switching off and then trying to restart. I have fitted new; Fuel Filter Glow Plugs Glow Plug Control Relay module Suction...
  9. Jump start even battery is not flat.

    Hi all My Clio 3 dCi battery does start the car but takes few seconds. ( not straight away). We got another car which has a good fully charged battery on it. Question is even the clio's battery is not flat can I jump start the clio from the car which got good battery in order to see if clio...
  10. Clio battery dead.. put jump leads on the wrong way - now turns over but not starting

    Can someone help me.. I havent driven my Clio in a while and tried to start it the other day and the battery appeared dead. So tried to jump start it but the person put the leads on the wrong way round. Changed them over and it was turning over but not actually starting, tried it a couple...
  11. Jump Starting Megane Scenic

    Hi, I'm looking for any caveats on trying to jump start my Megane, particularly using a booster box. The instructions on the booster say I should connect the leads from the booster to the +ve and -ve terminals on my battery in the vehicle that needs the boost, but the general advice on...
  12. flat battery, tried jump, injector fault

    Hi guys, Wife flattened battery by putting the roof down on her 2005 1.9 megane. We tried jump leads with absolutely not luck at all. Anyway, currently going to borrow a booster but have put battery on charge and tried again, turned over a little before going flat again and then flashed up...
  13. jump leads

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    A man walks into a bar...ouch he says, sorry I stray from the original joke :confused: this chap walks into a 'pub' carrying a set of car battery jump leads and he asks the barman, 'can I have a drink please', the barman says' fine as long as you don't start anything'...... :o
  14. electonic faults after jump start.

    Hi, my sister got her car jump started, 2011 megane 3 dci. drove home with warning lights on when stopped vehicle will not start. ignition switched on all the time even with no key card in car. When I disconnect the battery neg. and reconnect it sparks. Instrument panel messages include...
  15. New film of Felix Baumgartner's Mack1 jump

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    New pictures of Felix Baumgartner's record breaking jump from the edge of space have been released, the pictures were taken from his many body camera's Enjoy the ride...
  16. 2003 Renault Clio 1.2 - Engine revs jump when moving & warning lights

    Hello everyone, looking for some assistance with my 1.2 MK2 Clio. Thanks in advance to anyone that responds. I have recently (2 months ago) purchased a 1.2 MK2 Clio for my first car. For the price I knew I wasn't going to be getting a perfect car but I have a couple of family /family friends...
  17. Parachute jump

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    The nervous new TA paratrooper was telling his mate about his first round of training. "The jump supervisor tried all ways to get me to jump from the plane" he told his mate, "he asked nicely at first but ended up threatening me." "Threatening you?" his mate exclaimed. "Yeah, he said if I...
  18. Renualt Megane 2005 Dynamique 1.9 DCI Car wont start only with Jump start

    Nothing here xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  19. Megane won't start or start on jump

    Hi, I've a Megane Dynamiique 2994 1.6 petrol. I had to disconnect the battery the other day, so i disconnected negative then positive leads. I've reconnected, but the car wont start. i've also tried to jump start it and it still wont start. when i switch on ignition, the head lights...
  20. battery smoke after trying to jump start

    Hi, I have had a battery warning light on my 2002 Laguna for a while, and have jump started the car a few times since it started. Today I tried, but car wouldn't start. When I took starter keycard out, it still tried to start, disconnected jump leads, but a constant clicking went on until the...