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  1. Jumpy Idle

    I noticed recently that the car has started feeling a little sluggish under load, particularly when cold and in lower gears. I've got a Megane estate Mk2 1.5dci. The only thing I've done differently recently is put a shot of redex diesel system shi*e in the fuel. Normally, I drop a bit of...
  2. Not quite a Jumpy but at least a goo

    General Chat
    Well that was a surprise or rather a shock for my long lived Clio has reached the end of the line with me forcing a change of vehicle just to stay affordably mobile but I realise in what I have bought I have in fact brought my Eurovan camper plans forward albeit not with the Eurovan (First...
  3. Renault Kangoo 1.5 jumpy acceleration

    Hi guys, another problem from the van Whilst accelerating it doesn't do it smooth, it feels sort of kangaroo style, not massively but you can feel it at low revs, when you put your foot down she pulls like mad and you cant feel the sort of hesitation. Any ideas? Thanks Ian
  4. 58 plate 1.5dci jumpy in low gears

    Hi I noticed yesterday that my 1.5dci was a little irratic in low gears, in 2nd and 3rd at low speed and revs it was jittery/jumpy hard to explain but not right, when put foot down its fine and other gears fine, starts as it should all the time and all lights come on and go off as they should...
  5. renault scenic 54 plate 1.6 16v petrol jumpy start and cuts out

    hello need help 54 plate scenic start problem it starts no problem but will cut out as i try to drive unless i keep the accelerator pressed slightly and then when i start to drive in this manner she will be jumpy like a kangaroo and will cut out but after a drive for about 15mins she will work...
  6. Renault Clio 1.2 2001 - Struggles to start & Jumpy When Pulling off.

    Hi Guys, Only been having this issue recently but really need some help in finding out what the issue is. The first problem is in the video link below: What happens is if i turn the engine over it will just try to start but wont...
  7. High Idle, jumpy speedo

    Morning All, Hoping someone can advise regarding two issues I'm having... First off, when starting from cold my megane (1.6 16v) will idle at around 2000rpm. If i let it run for 10 minutes or so, then restart the engine, it will hop to 2000 and then dial down to a steady 750rpm. - I'm so far...
  8. Car has become jumpy after going through flood

    Hi, I'm hoping you can help, to be honest I am certain you can, having read other postings! My boyfriend has a Megane Scenic 16 v8, we went through a flood the other day and this caused the Engine management light to come on and she (the car) has become jumpy. My boyfriend took her to the...
  9. 2002 laguna 1.9 dci engine jumpy on low revs

    hi any one know what might cause a laguna 2002 1.9 dci engine to be jumpy in low revs and lacking power at times
  10. jumpy acceleration

    Hi Has any one any ideas I have just had a new timing belt fitted on a scenic 2003 and now its sometimes jumpy when accelerating, sort of a delayed response all seems fine when driving in fourth and fifth it seems more when the engine is cold. thanks
  11. Laguna 1.8 Sport jumpy, stalling, smoke NO POWER i have tried everything Please help

    My X reg Laguna 1.8 Is jumpy in neutral, Jumpy pulling away, Smoke, No Power and Stalls alot. I have tried cleaning the leads, Plugs, New Batterie, Changed ignition coils, adding more oil, anti freeze, Fixed the stereo. Now im Skint cause i have just brouht this car . I have had a year of cancer...
  12. Laguna Sport jumpy in neutral and no power its like driving a frog Please Help me

    Hi first post on this site. I have an 00, X Reg Laguna Sport. It was driving ok but Dead batterie changed batterie and now when it is ticking over the engine jumps about like a box of frogs. It settles at 2000 revs but when it drops back down it goes Crazy again. Also no power when changing...
  13. megane 1.6 rt sport jumpy cutting out and using loads of petol

    Hi,I am looking for some help my megane is running very jumpy cuts out at junctions and is using hell of a lot of petrol.I have changed the coil pack and spark plugs,run redex through the tank,garage has scanned it and changed o2 sensor but nothing else shows up,can,t see any splits in hoses it...
  14. Scenic jumpy acceleration

    Recently bought a 53 Scenic 1.4 which is great apart from the following - after start up the acceleration is very eratic for the first 100 yards or so. When you accelerate it slows down! then you have to floor it so that it then jolts to life. After this it will drive fine no problems. I've...
  15. PLEASE READ : FIXED Laguna dci - warning light, lack of power, jumpy throttle

    To All I just want to say that for months on & off I have like many others had the Coil Warning light problem, the lack of power when pressing the throttle. Also the running with the turbo seemingly "off" as well as the "jumpy" & intermittent pick up of power. :confused: I have read this forum...
  16. clio 1.5 dci jumpy in low gear and revs seem to inger between gear change

    Hi everyone this is my first post so i will make it a good one !!!!! I have a great little clio 1.5dci it starts ok 99% of the time but that i can live with. The problem i have is when it starts sometimes its lumpy on tickover The other problem i have is when you go to pull off it shoots...
  17. jumpy scenic

    Hi I have a 1.5 desel senic megane mpv when she is ticking over shes fine when i put my foot down she fine but when i try to go between 25 and 30 miles an hour the car starts to jump like she is missing any help thanks:confused:
  18. Laguna 2.0 IDE tickover very jumpy

    Hi first post on this site. I have an 02, 2.0 IDE Laguna II. It drives ok but when it it ticking over the engine jumps about like a box of frogs. It passed an MOT but there was a note that the emissions were a little high and to get the Lambda sensor checked. as anyone had similar problems. Mick
  19. Renault Megane 1 - Jumpy Gear Lever

    Hi Lorna and welcome to RenaultForums...