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  1. Renault Megane Classic - 1.4 16v K4J - Engine Oil

    Hello everyone! I've just acquired a Renault Megane Classic from my father. The car has been sitting for around 2-3 years and I want to start using it as my daily. The car starts but before registering it and start using it normally I want to change the basics (spark plugs, oil, coolant...)...
  2. 2003 Clio 1.4 16v cam timing slightly out (k4J)

    Hi I am new to the forum , recently picked up a 2003 Clio 1.4 16v , pretty smart looking , have some borbet 14x8's to go on along with some coilovers however having trouble with a rough idle (said no one ever!) I had changed the cambelt and waterpump myself (with all the correct timing tools)...
  3. Megane mk2 1.4 16v k4j aux belt shredded no start

    Megane 1.4 16v k4j aux belt shredded power steering went heavy Battery light / stop light came on check injection light came on now turns but wont start Cam belt is intact as I've taken top half cover off to check Removed oil filler cap and can see Cams moving . ( was going to fit new...
  4. DF002 clio 2 1.4 16v k4J

    my car is clio 2 2001 1.4 16v K4J After driving for hour or two car start stall and hesitate and suddenly press gas pedal and nothing car stall more, i make a test and code was df002 this is the error, i got normal pad with no sensor so is it the sensor next to gate infront Is it a wiring...
  5. Megane 1 with K4J engine. Whistling from front of the car

    My Megane 1 is performing and looking very well, but there is an annoying whistling sound from the front. It is a resonance (always same pitch, but varying intensity). The sound is not really dependent of speed but it is only heard clearly with the car moving and peeks at some 2500-3000 RPM. I...
  6. 2001 megane k4j engine p0130

    A couple of weeks ago, I noticed that the amber emissions warning light on my 2001 megane had come on. I used a fault code reader (a cheapie ELM327 bluetooth item off Amazon, plus Torque on an android tablet) and found P0130, P0136 & P0141. P0136 & P0141 seem to relate to the downstream lambda...
  7. megane 1.4 16v k4j won,t start after head rebuild

    hello there I rebuilt megane 1.4 16v k4j 730 after timing belt failure but won,t start it turns freely get popping noises if I hold the throttle wide open but that's it coils maybe ? I tried to tow also but it wouldn,t start either then got check injection and electrical fault come up on dash...
  8. K4j cylinder head change

    Hello all I,m new here :) I have removed cylinder head on 2005 megane 1.4 16v engine code K4J 730 I have been looking at reconditioned heads and have been told that K4M cylinder head will fit aslong as I match the casting numbers does anybody know which part of the casting number needs...
  9. 2001 (Y reg) clio cambelt k4j engine 1.4 16valve

    Hi all. I have a quick cambelt question. My cambelt is due and would like to do the job myself although I'd like to know if using a locking kit necessary to complete the job. Is so (I'm assuming it is) where is the crank pin hole located and how do I get hold of the locking tool. also how...
  10. K4J engines

    i am looking to replace my K4J 710 engine as it needs a new cylinder head, i have been told that a 712 engine will not work, however every place seems to group the 710 and 712 engine together, are they the same? if not what is the difference? my clio is a mk 2 1.4 16v dynamique. thanks :)
  11. K4J engine timing...

    Good day... Can anyone give me the BBDC & ATDC degrees of the Clio II's 1.4 K4J engine? Thanks... (BBDC - Before Bottom Dead Centre\ATDC After Top Dead Centre)
  12. Clio mk2 1.4 k4j. Crankshaft sprocket

    I am about to refit cambelt after putting in 8 new exhaust valves, I have tdc pin in and crank set , I have head rebuilt and camshaft pulleys spinning free, after removing crankshaft pulley and securing bolt, crankshaft sprocket is unwilling to spin freely on crank. I can see key way slot in...
  13. Camshaft bolts Clio 1.4 K4J

    Hi guys rebuild on Clio engine going well, all new exhaust valves in place, head on , ex manifold and gasket completed, going to refit tapets ,followers camshafts and covers today. My question do you need to buy new camshaft sprocket bolts or can you reuse old ones. I already have a new...
  14. How to replace a k4j and k4m head gasket

    Hi all sorry if I am posting and this has already been answered I been searching the forum for hours so maybe some 1 can shed some light I have done a pressure test on a Renault k4j 16 valve engine and cylinder 2 from the timing belt side has very little pressure. 1 3 and 4 are fine. I am...
  15. DIY: Auxiliary Belt, Tensioner and Idler Pulley Replacement, including Motor Mount

    Hello I just completed replacing my Auxiliary Belt, Tensioner and Idler Pulley plus motor mounts for my 2000 Clio 1.4 16v (98ps), K4J vehicle (LHD). My car is equipped with P/S and A/C options. I have a PDF document with pictures, descriptions, tools required etc. Enjoy! Andre
  16. k4j / k4m cam locking kit

    Tools & equipment
    Evening all, Ive had the (not so much) pleasure of buying a 55 plate megane 2 for £450!!! 58k on the clock, and my next task is the cambelt change. Ive done a couple of them before and know its a right ball ache with the crank turning anti clockwise when putting belt on etc. Anyway, just...
  17. does the 1.4 k4j engine hava a dephaser?

    hi all, just bought my 03 plate 1.4 megane and already having problems with it. when i start the car in the morning i get like a grinding sound for a couple of seconds and then it stops, my idle speed drops low until the engine cuts out, after a couple of starts it goes to normal idling speed...
  18. modus k4j rocker cover

    I'm looking for a rocker cover for a 1.6 16v k4j engine but would consider buying the cylinder heads etc
  19. K4j tensioner/belt installation advice

    Cambelt: there does not seem to be any give in this to help installation even with the tensioner fully 'slack' is this normal, anyone got any tips on this? Tensioning: how is this done, I've managed to break the metal bit that takes the hex key so something's not right here what is the correct...
  20. Scenic 2 2004,1.4 16 valve k4j

    Hi , im new to this forum so I might be in the wrong place . Ive a question if any body can help: I changed a timing kit to my scenic and was fine for about 50 km , when I started after 2 days she was very lumpy and check emission light came on plus a blinking/flashing engine light. I thoght...