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    Hi.. My Kangoo 2004 4WD wont start. It cranks and might fire sometimes but its rare, short-lived and wont start. The engine WILL run on starter-gas 1.9 dCi Diesel engine Fault code from a Carly OBD2 reader: Engine Control Module Camshaft position sensor A Circuit (Bank 1 or single sensor) -...
  2. Engines
    Hi, I have a kango 1.5 diesel 52 reg, starts up and ticks over fine, but won't rev up. Any advice would be much appreciated Thanks in advance
  3. Electronics
    drivers window goes down when lights are turned on. when lights are off it works perfectly
  4. Engines
    Hi guys, Just looking to locate the egr valve on my 1.5 engine(nissan kubistar). I will try to attach a pic of where i think it is. In the pic is it where the little barrel is that has the numbers and the qr code on it?? I took off the other pipe beside it that was all sooted up.looking to find...
  5. Electronics
    Hey Friennds. I have problems with my Kango Express D65 1.9 IT watt start. New battery. Glow plug not changed .Km 92000 kilopmeters. Red light inside CAR wery Ofoten flashing . When stop CAR starts. ITS same sympthoms . Redligt stos flashing, but noe engine not starts. Starter turns over. I...
  6. Engines
    Hi, removing cylinder head at present, but having trouble working out how to remove cat convert or and turbo, any ideas would be great, thanks jackie:
  7. Engines
    Hi Ive just purchased a 10 plate Renault Kangoo ML19 1.5dci which appears to be fitted with a speed limiter device, the van won't go above 68MPH in any gear? So its speed not engine revs? Not even with the wind behind you on a downward slope will it go any faster lol. Does anyone know HOW to...
  8. Electronics
    I have been told I need to replace the relay and fuse box in the engine bay. The engine turns over but there is no ignition, there have been several false sensor errors but it appears to be deteriorating relays which is causing the problems. I have a 03 Kango Dci70, would one from a 03 Dci80...
  9. Engines
    I have 55 reg kango 1.5 dci it seems to loose power when driving starts first time every time not a problem but after a few miles of driving I start to loose power and starts to rattle. I change gear and still the same I take foot off the throttle and apply again its still the same I drain fuel...
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    will a engine from a s reg kango diesel van fit into a 2003 dci 1.5 kango thankyou.I was told older van is a turbot type but does not look like mine maybe its a 1.9 non turbot .will it fit or will ecu cause problems .any thoughts please.chris.
  11. Engines
    Hi, local garage can't fix my van. They reckon its wiring or sensor (could be ecu for all I know). Had a look at it myself and when the ignition is on sometimes the engine stop light comes on (then it wont start) and sometimes it goes off! I've played around with the wires, moving them about...
  12. Engines
    Hi my trusty Kango - 2004 1.2 petrol has started to misfire and the yellow engine light is flashing, any ideas!!!
  13. Engines
    Have kango van 1.9 (2000) having problem with fuel line. Have plenty of fuel to hand pump, but no fuel coming out of top, have tried pumping it to no avail ?
  14. Electronics
    Thinking of buying 2011plate kango,23000 miles,but heard of past models had electrical problems , have they improved on these later models
  15. Electronics
    My battery isn't clamped down and I have bought a new clamp,but where does it fit?
  16. Engines
    Please can someone tell me where I can locate the fuel sender unit? I am not getting an accurate reading on the fuel guage, so I believe one might have to clean it....Is that right?? Many thanks!!!
  17. Electronics
    I have a Renault Kangoo 2001 (poss ex Transco Gas) and the central locking and alarm works fine. However the central locking does not operate the driver’s door and I have to open it manually. I don't want to take it to a garage if it’s something simple like a switch or wire loose that I can fix...
  18. Engines
    2004 RENAULT KANGOO VAN SL17 DCI 60 1.5 van will not start of the key but will start of a bump then will start all day long its just when its left over night it wont start in the morning the starter motor is working it sounds just as it would turning the key but wont turn over engine but it...
  19. Engines
    03 1500 diesel kango wont start
  20. Engines
    Idiot alert here - my son's kangoo 1400 van has been a nightmare. 4 months after buying it the engine seized. Over £1k for second hand engine and things have gone down hill again. Basically, the engine just cuts out as he is driving. OH has had a look at it although he is certainly no...