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  1. Electronics
    How does the mp3 radio come out of the dash, can’t see the normal 2 holes for the tool? Does the radio lose its code if the fuse is pulled to reset the clock?
  2. Electronics
    Hello all, I have a 2011 renault Kangoo, automatic petrol engine. Last year it would not start every so often and it turned out the fuel pump wasn't working so got that replaced. Now it's happening again. When I turn the key I can hear that the fuel pump is not turning on- when I try and start...
  3. Wanted
    So i went out and bought a 2005 kangoo to build a mini-camper. Sadly the interior boxes lining the ceiling were taken off at some point of time and never put back. I have been searching for them through all of Finland but with no success. I did find one seller from Japan, but i bet there is a...
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  4. Electronics
    Now on my second Kangoo van - 62 plate this time. Just had the same issue I had with the 10-plate one... a LOT of smoke (and the smell of mothballs) from the screenwash stalk box. Like the last time, I got a replacement from a Renault Breakers yard, but this time when I fitted the replacement...
  5. Electronics
    Greetings, I seek to understand how the rear tailgate/ hatch/flap catch mechanism works on a 2001 Kangoo as yes I understand the mechanics but on removing the catch mechanism I notice it has wiring to suggest there is an electric function contained, to need to know does the unlocking/locking of...
  6. Steering and Suspension
    Hi everyone. My first time here on this forum. I own a kangoo 1st edition 1.2 16v D4F engine. The steering wheel gets stiff only when engine warms up. Any idea what could be the cause of this issue? Thank you
  7. Bodywork
    I have hired two brand new Kangoo Electric Vans for 2 months. Both have returned with a crack in the base of the middle of the windscreen. No memory of anything hitting the screen and also no obvious point of impact. Has anyone else had this experience? My guess could be the extra weight...
  8. Interiors
    Hi - I have just bought a Renault Kangoo Expression. I was wondering if it is possible to remove the upholstery/seat covers at all? I want to wash and then re-install them. It looks like this may be possible, as there are zips and straps visible. I just wondered if this can be done. Obviously...
  9. Engines
    Hi. I have just recently purchased a 1.6L Kangoo Extreme ...and have noticed that the petrol tank doesn't fill all the way up 9only to about 3/4's full).... any suggestions ....also have squeeking wheels at low speed
  10. Engines
    Hi guys looking for some advice, I have a 2008 Kangoo. The van runs well but since purchasing it has had a problem starting first time, sometimes it will start no problem but other times it will take one, two or sometimes three attempts to start. It is also producing some white smoke from the...
  11. Bodywork
    Hi all, I recently bought a MK1 Renault Kangoo (2008) car. I'm looking for wind deflectors for the front windows but not having any luck so far. I did order some for the MK1 2004-2007 in the hope that would be close enough, but they don't fit. Any recommendations?
  12. Transmissions
    Hi guys, I recently bought a 2013 Mk2 Kangoo Phase 1 ML19 dci 90. 154k but fresh MOT and everything seemed ok. A couple of days ago I heard a scraping noise from the gearbox but only in 3rd, 4th and 5th. This goes away when I put the clutch in. I also noticed a bit of weeping from the join in...
  13. In Car Entertainment
    Hey guys, i'm trying to upgrade my radio on kangoo 2015. Is there any touch screens that fit into the top storage area. If possible with a connector for a reverse camera.
  14. Engines
    Hi all. I have a 2001 kangoo 1.9 d which has a starting issue. Essentially it starts 2nd or 3rd time. I wait for the glow plug light to go off, turn the key and it takes a while before jumping to life. Probably 5 - 8 seconds per attempt. What should I check? The car only has 69k on it but is 20...
  15. Electronics
    Hey, looking for some help with a Citan I have bought which I understand is mostly the same as a Kangoo. It has rear parking sensors that aren’t working correctly. Whenever you engage reverse, pull away or slow down to a low speed they give a solid beep for around 3 seconds then stop. They...
  16. Engines
    Hello! I would like to know if my 2004 Renault Kangoo, 1.6 16V (engine code: K4M-752) is safe to use with an aftermarket E85 conversion kit? Kit I am talking about is this "eFlexFuel" box that goes between fuel injector wiring and it will modify the injection signals in such way that the engine...
  17. Electronics
    hi thanks for adding me to this forum my son has a problem with his media center /satnav in his renault kangoo van he has purchsed the latest maps from tom tom but when he puts the sd card into the system he only gets the tom tom logo a egg timer and a fast moving bar across the bottom which...
  18. Interiors
    Hi chums.... can anyone please advise how to remove the instrument cluster. I need to replace mine with a reconditioned one. I've searched the internet but there appears to be nothing out there. Whilst I have your ear..... will the oem number be displayed on the unit? Thanks in advance Pete
  19. Engines
    Hi, ive just bought a kangoo 1.9 its a 2008 plate. Seems to be a nice van but as ive got 3 months warranty i want to make sure the 2 issues ive found are normal. 1. The clutch seems a lot harder to push down than my old ford transit. 2. Upon starting the engine it sounds more like a big van...
1-20 of 500 Results