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  1. ken 1946

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    hi all my name is ken i have resentley brought a renault megan its an 03 plate old i known but its a very nice car and at the right price. i am not very good with my laptop still learning. can i say thank you to all you folks who sent me information on my first topic. look forward to lean more...
  2. ken p

    keycard just stooped working.will not operate doors. card starts car no problem
  3. Ken Block To Test F1 Car

    Formula 1 news
    WRC driver and internet drifting hero Ken Block is to test the Toyota Pirelli F1 car at Monza..... I hope it's not their only test car,I have a feeling that Block will be returning to the pits with a box of bits once he's finished with...
  4. Ken Scott

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    I have a 2007 Renault Laguna 150 dCi Dynamique which has run for 70,000 miles without fault until now.The car is fitted with the usual Renault Keycard ignition . I drove the car several times last weekend without a problem but last night I unlocked the drivers door as usual with the keycard but...
  5. Ken Block Crashes.......Again.....

    Rallying news
    It just goes to prove that he might be able to drift his way around a set track taking as many practice runs as he wants,but when it comes to proper rallying he tends to get a bit lost. This happened in the shakedown for this weekends Rally Of Portugal.Both Ken and his co-driver were OK...
  6. Ken Block Gymkhana 2.1 - Mini Scoob

    Happened across this on another forum and thought I'd share, made me laugh :) qQ48NQjouoE&feature=related
  7. Ken Block - Gymkhana

    this is some amazing driving skills. and when he goes 180 round the cone and also spinning round the dude on the gyroscooter is amazing. well worth watching people
  8. Welcome roger

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi roger and welcome to RenaultForums.