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  1. Electronics
    In the manual and online it says that one press of button 1 (Unlock button) should unlock only the drivers door and that two presses will open them all However with my key one press opens all the doors rather than just the drivers door? Is this a fault or is this something that can be changed?
  2. Wanted
    I need the ecu unit with the key reader included I have serial numbers for the reader and one other part
  3. Interiors
    Hello Experts, while driving the car key (card) managed to slide from my pocket and right into deep hole right under the center console. I managed to get the 3 screws from each side open to lift the plastic casing, but key is still not accessible not even visible. Now I am trying to get the...
  4. Electronics
    I have Clio 2 1.4 16V 2005 model. Car suddenly stopped starting. There were no prior starting issues. The immobilizer light is flashing continuously fast. Car won't crank. All I hear is a relay closing when I try to crank the car. The key isn't being detected from what I've read. Central...
  5. Electronics
    Hello, I have a problem with my 2000 1.8 RXE model Laguna driver's door. When all doors are closed, the key can't lock all doors. When I press the button on the key, it locks then unlocks simultaneously as if one door remains open. Then I did some tests. It turned out if I close the driver's...
  6. Electronics
    Hi guys, I have the problem, that my car mostly does not start (Renault Megane I 1.6 16V Break year 12/2000, K4M701 Engine, DP0041 Automatic Transmission). It tries to start engine but does not fire. Reading out the errror it says DF271. Could the reason be a malfunctional key (Immobilizer), or...
  7. Electronics
    Hi guys, Firstly, apologies, as I know there is definitely threads on this already, but I cannot work out how to search for them. When I use the search box in the top right, it just searches Google! I've also had a look at the sticky thread, but there is 101 pages and they are not specific to...
  8. Engines
    Hello, nowhere can I read the size of the Hex key for removing (replacing) the oil cooler that is in the housing behind the oil filter. I do not want it disassembled and found that I have such a key ... thank you all
  9. Electronics
    Hi all, been reading through the forum and have managed to fix the water leak and the electric windows thanks to helpful peeps on here but now the card has started to play up in my 07 megane 1.5 DCI. i have read through the sticky note on here and the recent post. I folded a bit of card and put...
  10. Electronics
    My key pad got lost. Unable to open the car door. Unable to open the bonnet. Any manual or mechanical ways of open the bonnet and the door. Any suggestions please.
  11. Ask the Experts
    can anyone tell where is the best place to get a spare key made for my kangoo van 57plate please? when I got the van it just had the one (2x button key) using one button to open then the key to start it and I could do with a spare back up as I nearly lost my one and only key the other day. I...
  12. Electronics
    Hi, I have broken the case for my van key of my 2000 Renault Master. The key blade is fine, but the circuit board is smashed and immobiliser chip has been broken off, and now I can't turn off the immobiliser and start my van. I'm trying to find a replacement set for my local locksmith to...
  13. Wheels & tyres
    Greetings, have a flat tyre and we have lost the wheel locking nut. Jacked it up, removed front cover and noticed that there are 3 bolts and one that requires a special key. Any idea how to remove this that won't cost the earth. Cheers
  14. Ask the Experts
    hello folks, I have only 1 key for 2009 Renault Master, and wondered about cheapest route to a 2nd key? Van has 2 other keys, which don't fit locks or ignition, so wondered about having those re-programmed and re-cut. Any helpful advice greatfully received. Thanks :smile2:
  15. Bodywork
    I've read all the articles I can find about this, but the pictures and descriptions don't seem to match our 56 Scenic Dynamique. I just need to open the bonnet. I've taken the undertray off. Everyone says it is held by 5 x 10mm bolts - our was 3 bolt and 3 rivets. Hasn't helped. I can see right...
  16. Wheels & tyres
    I'm trying to get the security nuts off my car. I managed to get the front 2 off, but can't get the rears off. My key is damaged. It's a type A, if anyone has one I could borrow for a few minutes, please let me know!
1-16 of 500 Results