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  1. Duel Boot Vista to XP Keyboard Problem

    Computer Club
    Hi guys, Iam wondering if some of you could give me some advice:o, This morning i went to run a startrek program on my Vista laptop to run a diagnostic test on my Fiat but because my laptop is vista i found out it will only run on XP, I have since partitioned my Vista laptop and have now got...
  2. How your computer keyboard is FIVE TIMES dirtier than your toilet seat

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  3. How much for a keyboard?

    Computer Club
    My up-arrow died on my Sony notebook's keyboard yesterday. I'm still using the PC, but I can't scroll upwards without using the mouse. It's particularly annoying when editing text, and obviously it has to be sorted. I've taken the keyboard out in the hope that I could have a look at the...
  4. Laptop Keyboard problem

    Computer Club
    I'm probably going to have to do a clean XP install but I'll put it off until tomorrow just incase anybody has any ideas. Son's laptop has gone weird - when it first boots everything appears fine, the touchpad works fine but as soon as you press ANY key the touchpad freezes and the keyboard...
  5. Keyboard help

    Computer Club
    I've knocked something on my keyboard and something strange is happening with my cursor buttons :crazy: Now theres a light on my keyboard which is currently lit up (and not usually!) which is above the number keypad on the right, and its an arrow pointing down and a horizontal line underneath...