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  1. espace keycard

    Ask the Experts
    Hi there... i have an Espace IV 3 buttons 2005 , can i program a two buttons key card instead... where to buy key cards in london ? thanks in advance
  2. Laguna mk3 2009 keycard issue

    Hi my spare keycard battery has died when replaced it will open locks but won***8217;t atart the car . Is there an easy fix for this or can I get card recoded . Or do I need a new card ?
  3. Meganè Scenic 2006 Keycard Help Please

    Hey guys newbie here,i’ve been having trouble with my keycards since I had the car February one doesn’t work at all with a new battery and the other would not open the car doors only lock and start the car. As stated I changed both batteries (Duracell 2025) the same time thinking this would...
  4. Keycard Battery Low

    My Megane 3 DCI displays Keycard Battery Low in the message display after it does the checks,replaced the battery & still the same
  5. Lost keycard

    HELP NEEDED I have lost one of my keycards for my Megane MK4. I think i dropped it near my car after locking it. I haven't gone back to where i lost the key in case someone has the key and gets access to my car. I still have my other keycard, but the question i ask is can i get my current...
  6. dash lights on even with keycard removed!

    Howdy folks, my Laguna mk2 1.8 2004 has been standing for 4 days. When I came to start it the battery was turning the engine over too slowly, so I charged the battery up.When I attempted to start it, nothing happened. I took the keycard out but the lights stayed if the key was still...
  7. Keycard Replacement Recommendation. 2014 Megane

    Hi I'm based in the South East. Can anyone recommend any garages that can get a new Keycard and programming at a affordable price. Local Renault dealers have quoted be £200+. Keycard looks like the attached picture.
  8. 2014 Scenic Keycard "fried"

    Afternoon All, Wondering if anyone might be able to offer some insight into a problem I had with my 2014 Scenic keycard the other day? I have the "hands-free" cards that mean the car locks when I walk away from it. So, the other night I parked the car at the side of the road in town and...
  9. Laguna II keycard reader failure **Fixed**

    About 6 months ago, the Accessory switch in the keycard reader, or whatever it's called, failed. This meant that I could not use the cigarette lighter or radio just by pushing the card only partially in, but this was ok. But today, when I pushed the card in, there was no resistance, and I have...
  10. Scenic keycard help please

    Started and drove my 2004 Grand Scenic to work this morning to work but on removing the card to lock the doors I found the emergency key was missing. I searched around inside the car but couldnt find it and when I got home couldnt find it there either so eventually I shone a torch into the card...
  11. Keycard Re-sync? **Fixed**

    I hope this is in the right place, I looked at the sticky topic at the top of the forum for keyfobs, it looks like just one very long thread? I have a problem with one of the Keycards for 2008 Clio. The first card does everything as it should. The second card won't allow the car to lock or...
  12. Espace Mk4 - handbrake off, keycard not being read, how to put handbrake back on ??

    Cars & motoring
    My 2008 MK4 Espace 2.0dci suddenly stopped responding to the 2 key cards I have. I can still use the keys to open/lock doors. The cars lights and radio are working too. No ventilation and cannot start the engine, even though it says "Please insert card" on the display. I have ordered a 2nd hand...
  13. Laguna II ph2 Keycard issues

    Hi. 4 years after getting rid of my Ph1 Laguna I've just bought a PH II. I bought it with faulty cards. They start the car fine in the reader but won't lock/unlock it and the keyless doesn't work. I sent the best working one off to but upon it's return its functioning exactly...
  14. 2014 Clio Keycard Battery replacement

    Hi, I've managed to change the battery in my Clio keycard but now the keycard doesn't work. Do I have to take it to the garage to get it re-coded or something? Hope someone can advise me please.
  15. After changing laguna keycard plastic case the card stopped working properly

    After changing keycard plastic case from Laguna the card stopped working properly, it starts the engine fine, close the doors but wont open and gives me a strange sound( the red light when i press the button works ), The backup key works perfect and i already try changing the batteries from one...
  16. New keycard timescales??

    General Chat
    Hi all I had to order a new keycard for my Megane from my local Renault dealer at a whopping £180 and have been informed it can take around 10 working days to receive a new key. As I have no access to a vehicle (it was broken into and will no longer lock) :crying2:and I'm supposed to be going...
  17. Keycard handsfree function stopped working

    Hi All, I have Laguna II 05. The wireless function on one of my cards has stopped working. Buttons work fine to unlock/lock. If I put card into slot then the car starts. The other keycard works handsfree okay. Thoughts on the issue\solution please, has anyone had this happen to them? I have...
  18. Renault Megane coupe 2012 Keycard replacment

    Hi just realised I've lost my spare keycard looked on Renault website £180 Can anybody recommend where I can get a replacement ?? Glasgow / Edinburgh Area ?? Thanks
  19. Laguna Coupe keycard

    I just bought a 2010 Laguna Coupe, absolutely love it. I could open the boot by using the button on the keycard, and also on the boot itself. Yesterday when I needed to use it as hands full the boot would not open using the keycard, but thankfully the button on the boot itself still works. Have...
  20. Megane 2006 2L Turbo Petrol - Keycard issues?

    We have 2 keycards, his and hers ;) and mine (hers) has been having issues last few days. Keycard not recognized, I'll insert, it will say to insert card. Had to jiggle it around to get it to work yesterday. Tried starting out of gear, foot on the brake. Tried in gear, foot on clutch and...