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  1. Lost Keys

    Jokes & funny stuff
    They weren't in my pockets. Suddenly I realized I must have left them in the car. Frantically, I headed for the parking lot. My husband has scolded me many times for leaving my keys in the car's ignition. He's afraid that the car could be stolen. As I looked around the parking lot, I realized he...
  2. the Slot hole in keys

    General Chat
    anyone know what the slots are in the keys and what are they there for / their purpose? I have 2 clios at the moment, both Mk2 one 2002 one 2003 - the 2003 clio key has the slot in it... heres a pic:
  3. Spare Keys

    General Chat
    There are reasons why, when you buy a new car, you will have received a spare key, the reasons for this are long and varied and not limited to: 1. Loss of a key - you can still drive the car 2. Damage to a key - you can still drive the car 3. Easier to diagnose the locking/unlocking mechanism...
  4. Those damn alloy wheel centre cap keys...

    General Chat
    So, I've discovered the hard way that removing the funny looking bolt the secures the centre cap on my Clio's alloys can be a PITA. In my case, the drivers front bolt is siezed right in and no amount if persuasion using pliers, mole grips and a tap of a chisel have worked. To make matters worse...
  5. Lost all keys - Renault Megane Mk1 Cabriolet

    Cars & motoring
    Hi Unfortunately I have mislaid all the keys for the above car.. Are Renault the only people who can sort it? Steve.
  6. Stopping alarm while charging the car battery and restoring the key codes to keys

    Scenic 2007 2l Petrol My battery has gone flat over the holiday period. It is only two years old. I am currently charging it BUT the alarm keeps going off while charging the car battery. Can I disable it while doing this? When the car is able to be started, how do I reset the coded keys to...
  7. scenic 1 keys

    Cars & motoring
    Hi all i have a 2001 scenic 1 with just the 1 key, key fob and all working well (for now) just tried key in lock on drivers door and it doesnt fit???, never tried before and dont know why i tried, any ideas, and how easy is it to ptogramme a fob if i bought spare from ebay?? cheers >:)
  8. Whats it called (key card adapter for keys)

    General Chat
    Hey folks I have just bought another laguna 2 and i am after that wee clip on adapter to hold other keys I cannot think for the life of me as to what it is called, therefore my searches for it is coming up fruitless :frown2: any ideas please?
  9. Engine won't start and then keys don't work

    Hi We have a 2005 Megane . We used car as normal yesterday. Went to start it today, engine turns over but won't start. No warning lights etc. All seems normal, (says insert card then press clutch brake to start, all as normal). Tried it a few times, then tried the spare key. Still doing the...
  10. spare keys!

    Tools & equipment
    Apologies if this has been posted before but can anyone recommend a good place to get a duplicate spare key sorted? Needs to work with the remote central locking Its for a Master 03 plate Thanks!!
  11. programming new keys when originals missing

    Hi all. Hope you can help me shed some light on an issue I have. I know there are loads of posts on here about reprogramming new key cards but many show me needing an original key card. My wife has managed to lose both keys in the space of a week and I had to get the car recovered home. I...
  12. lost keys

    Hi folks, have Renault Laguna 2003, 1.6 petrol. Have lost key. What is best to do, to get it back on road ? Thanks.
  13. megane 1 radio keys??

    In-car entertainment
    hey guys just wondering if anyone has any or can locate some original radio keys so i can take out my tape player aha i can only find ones from the megane 2/clio veriety ie horse shoe type but they wont fit my stereo so any tips would be great as im goin loopy listening to radio 1 (only...
  14. Keys

    Hi, I have a Renault Megane 58 plate, it has a keycard but I have lost the the actual key that slides into the keycard. The keycard works fine. Does anyone know how I can get a replacement key not the key card? Thanks Emma
  15. Keys & Key Card renewal Shropshire (Telford) Area

    Just in case anyone in the Telford / Shropshire area need new keys or key cards for their Renaults. I can Recommend Auto Recode of Telford. They have a website and are on Facebook. Just had a second key card supplied and programmed for my Laguna II, they will even cut keys within the...
  16. faulty keys

    Hi everyone i'm Alexia. I have 53 reg scenic. I am having a problem with my key cards. All of a sudden both keys won't open or close the car and the vehicle is not sensing the key to start, so i have to leave the car unlocked and insert the key into the dash to get it to start. I asked my local...
  17. lost keys and fob

    Hi all, new to this site and looking for advice, i have been offered a 2002 Renault master mini bus, it has been off the road for a few years and they have lost the keys and fob, is there anyway of replacing the key and fob. For obvious security reasons the forum can only recommend you seek...
  18. NEW Renault - card keys?

    Does anyone know if a new Renault eg Captur or Megane comes with two card keys as standard or just one? :(
  19. Two Little Keys

    Tools & equipment
    Hello, We have just bought a 2001 Scenic which has three normal keys with it, as well as two smaller keys. Does anyone know what the smaller keys are for? I have looked through the manual but can't find an answer. Thanks for your help.
  20. Can Can Clip v136 programme keys and Injectors

    hi guys was just wondering if can clip v136 can programme keys and injectors they sell some on ebay for around £140, are they any good and can they do what I need. cheers guys