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  1. laguna keys and recoding

    Hello i have a broken lock button on my keycard so i cant lock my doors, I have a spare key from a different car, does anyone know if i can have it coded to my car????
  2. Duplicating Laguna Keys

    Folks just recently joined , the Forum so apologies if this query has already been run through , I have a single key for a Laguna 2005 and I need a duplicate , is it possible to get a copy without actually having to send this original away.
  3. Incredibly Fustrated - Keys

    Hi All, I brought myself a nice shiny '03 1.2 Clio Billabong 2 weeks ago as an upgrade from my '99 Corsa B. Love this car, lovely little runner and quite nice bodywork... That was until some little beep (use your imagination there) decided to put a nice deep key scratch covering my driver...
  4. lost keyfob and keys - replacement

    Hi all, I have lost my only key for a renault megane coupe where or how can i get a replacemnt from and is it easy to do. Also there is a renault laguna ignition barrel from a 2000 plate, will this fir the megane and again is it easy to fit Thanks:crazy:
  5. Clio keys

    Both the keys for my Y reg Clio (2001 Grande RN) will not sart the car as they will not de-activate the immobilizer ( the flashing light keeps flashing) I have changed the batteies and taken the keys to a locksmith who told me that niether key had a chip in it, and without the chip the car won't...
  6. Keys and plip

    Having just acquired this Clio, would very be very obliged for some answers. If one requires a new key and plip, does it have to come from a dealer?? Having only one worries me. On the pass door there is a key hole, which I can unlock with the key, but can i drive the car without the plip being...
  7. Replacement emergency keys

    Hello all! :d I'm looking into buying an 05 Grand Scenic but have discovered that both the key cards have lost the emergency keys (the previous owners lost them because they kept falling out?! And didn't see it as a problem....but I do!) The garage selling the car have said that they are...
  8. '98 scenic, lost keys.

    evening all, first post on here, tried a search but can't find anything relevant. i got a scenic on a S plate only ever had 1 key and now thats gone missing as of last friday. is there any way i can get round the immobilisor and get a local locksmith to match a key to my barrel or get a full...
  9. Remote Keys

    Hello Everyone! Can anyone reccommend the cheapest way to change my key fob from plain to a remote one?
  10. Scenic keys and security

    Hi everybody - apologies for this post as there are probably loads already like it but can't quite get the search right...:confused: I am taking possession of a 2002 Scenic Dynamique + DCi on Saturday and it only has one key. Do I have to go to a Renault dealer with the V5 (when I get it back...
  11. keys

    unable to lock / open doors
  12. Clio 1.6 Dymanique Diesel - Engine won't switch of when keys removed?

    Hi, basically when I take my key out my engine won't switch off? It happened before and I took it back to the garage and they said it was the stop solenoid? So they replaced that and it's been fine for a while but now it's happening again? Also when this happens the passenger air bag light comes...
  13. 2000 Scenic RXE - No Roof Bar Keys

    Hi All, Got this car a while back with no keys for the roof bars, i have lived with it but now i want them off. What is the best way to get these off? Cheers
  14. Megane 2001 ignition keys

    Searched the forum couldn't find the answer. Have got a Y reg megane and supplied with 1 key. On my ford astra I had to buy a passport which gave key details, radio details etc then got a key cut to my code and programmed it myself with an opcom which was a lot cheaper than £160 ford wanted...
  15. New keys for Renault Kangoo dec 2003

    I lost my keys so I ordered new keys. The problem now is to get my car to the garage but the engine wont start. How can I bypass the immobilizer for 1h or something? I tried to hold the central lock button for more than 5sec but that does not give any effect. My kangoo is from dec-2003...
  16. Cabasse auditorium tronic release keys

    In-car entertainment
    I've got a connect2 aux input I want to install to play my mp3 instead of the CD multichanger but does anyone know what release keys are needed for this Cabasse model which has 2 slots instead of the usual pins?
  17. engine wont switch off even with keys out of ignition when its dark!

    car is 2004 renault clio 182 sport with autoheadlight function. Also my fault code reader can longer connect with the ecu!!!!! really strange problem! it all started when i drove car to work parked up took keys out ignition car kept idling normally!!!!!!!!!!only way to get engine to shut off...
  18. ClioII. Replacement Keys In Glasgow

    A thread titles says, i bought my car with only 1 key and would like a backup. Were is the best place to buy these key fobs. I have no intentions of paying £140 for a piece of plastc so any advice would be greatly appreciated! cheers, adam.
  19. Kangoo Remote Keys And The Swapping Of Transponders

    My only working Kangoo key has fully given up the ghost. The LED doesn't light when button is pressed, the central locking doesn't work (obviously), and the immobiliser stays on. I thought the switch might be at fault so I desoldered a known working switch from another ebay key and soldered it...
  20. Laguna II - Warning sound not working when keys left in card reader

    I have a Laguna II initiale. The warning sound does not sound anymore if I leave the card key in the card reader when I open the door to leave. It may be related but my lights on warning sound also only works intermittently. Does anybody know how to rectify this? Thanks in advance.