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  1. keys lost immob problem scenic

    Hi can anyone help!! keys lost for an R reg scenic getting car open isn't a problem (RAC) and can get a key to open it and get steering lock off by removing door lock and visit to local locksmith but is there anyway to get around the immob??? as the dealer want a fortune to sort it out if...
  2. Card Keys not working on Grand Scenic

    I have a 3 year old Grand Scenic and 6 months ago one of my card keys stopped working. in the last couple of months the other one is seriously flakey, it will only open the car after several presses of the button and fiddling with the battery, The dashboard tells me that the battery has gone...
  3. Laguna 1 Keys

    Hi, I am hoping that some of you Laguna experts can tell me whether the keys i was given with my recent purchase look ok?? One has renault stamped on it and operates the central locking so that must be ok. The other is made by 'Silca' but doesn't have a remote control. It does fit the...
  4. Lost Keys for a megane phase one

    I have lost my keys for my megane (well i say lost them but i know where they are. i left them in my other car when i took it to get crushed!!) anyway i have an R reg 1.4 megane and i know nothing about renault's as i have had 3 rover turbo's for the last 5 years. if it was the rover then i...
  5. Maximum number of keys

    Hi I am about to buy a new Renault Master to be converted to a minibus. There will be up to 10 drivers. All should ideally have their own keys. I have been told that the maximum number of keys that will operate the ignition is 4. Is there any way round this?
  6. Stolen Keys and immobiliser

    Hi, Our last set of keys for a 1997 clio were stolen a few days ago, along with a drivers licence so the thieves could just walk up to the car and drive off Renault have quoted extortionate amounts for fitting new locks eyc.. so i was wondering if anyone could tell me whether either of these...
  7. Renault Clio - Car theft - new keys and locks?

    My car was recently stolen from the drive and recovered undamaged, however the thieves still have the key. Renault have quoted £600 for new barrels, ignition and reocding the new key to the immobiliser, but in doing this will the old key still unlock the car? What do I need to do to make the...
  8. Renault Kangoo - New Keys

    Hello all, Im looking for some advice/help. i have a 2001 kangoo 1.9D van, The other morning i came to open the drivers side door once it opened i went to pull the key out only to find half of it (more than half) is still in the lock :steam: I have rang renault up only to find a replacement...
  9. Renault Scenic 1 - Keys Locked In Car*FIXED*

    Ok so the mrs just hit the button to lock the doors, got out, and closed the door. Key still in ignition, all doors and windows and sunroofs closed. :eek: :eek: What's the easiest way to get in, and if a window break is the only option, which is the easiest to fit a new one? Wives... can't...
  10. Snap on MT 2500 scanner which keys do I Need ?

    Hi, I have just got my self a Mt2500 scanner so I can work on our own cars, but I need some leads and also I think Keys? the lead I need are a data cable and a dl-16 but I dont know what keys I need? :confused: can any one help? If any one has any for sale? Thanks In advance Matt
  11. Keys

    Anyone got an idea how much to have a new key made? I only have one key for one of my Scenic's and could do with a spare. I know that remote control blipper keys are expensive so is it possible to just have a normal standard type key (i.e. non remote blipper) cut or do you have to have the...
  12. Roof bars - Missing Keys Fix

    Just a quick note to anyone with lost keys for the factory supplied roof bars. When we bought the car the roof bars were mounted together at the rear of out Grand Scenic. There was no key however and after contacting the independent we bought from, and the previous owner a key could not be...
  13. Megane - car keys

    i lost my megane coupe p reg keys...found a key place that can cut me a key from my ignition number which i have in my owners manual..he charges £10+postage very reasonable..i can buy a fob/ blip/ir bit of ebay for £3.50 im told i only have to get this fob thing recoded to my car then im back on...
  14. Locked your keys in the car? Useful hint

    General Chat
    If your car has a remote entry system and you have spare keys at home. Call someone at home on their mobile from your mobile. Hold your phone about a foot from the car door and have the person at home press the unlock button, holding it near the mobile phone on their end. Your car should unlock...
  15. keys locked in car

    HI i have locked the keys in my works 04 clio van. i have got a spare blade from renault however, when i put the key in the passenger side door the lock turns round and round but wont open the door. any help mark
  16. Clio - Lost Keys !

    Cars & motoring
    I have a friend who has lost the only key to his `99` clio. How can he get a key and have it coded to suit the car without having to spend silly money with renault?
  17. Renault Megane 1 - Replacement Keys

    Cars & motoring
    Hi, First time for me, has anyone had any problems obtaining replacement keys? Unfortunately i lost the only one i had and oredered a new one on the 29th December 2007, i was told it would be about 7 to 10 days. I am still waiting, absolutely unbeleivable, car is a 1998 Renault Megane e.:mad:
  18. Keys

    Hello All Keys Broke
  19. French Dealers for Keys

    Hi all I've got a Kangoo with only one single button RF key, but I am going to France for a month in a few weeks. Does anyone know if the Franch Renault dealers are any cheaper in getting a spare? I speak French. " veux acheter une autre cle...........avez vouz une ordinateur pour...
  20. Keys

    Cars & motoring
    Ok, just changed an old R plate scenic for a 1.9dci dynamic, and fantastic it has roofbars, however there is no key to remove the bars, any ideas if the keys are generic or specific, and if so where to get a copy from, also ans here I expect is the expensive part, I need a spare key, I assume...