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  1. Heating & cooling
    After being told by the owner it was a leak, I took the Megane to a mechanic and they; 1. Charged it but determined there was a leak 2. Changed hoses - no fix - so they replaced the condenser 3. No fix - The found Stop Leak abundantly throughout the systems - tried to clear - no -fix 4. Are now...
  2. Electronics
    today had my modus (56 1,5dci 86bhp) oil changed but could not get spanner to dissapear.not sure if you allowed to mention them(3 letters usually deal in tyers)so they sent me to a garage to have spanner taken off,no problems,seen how could be done by the right hand arm.after 10min and...
  3. Electronics
    I took my 2002 1.8 auto laguna into our local garage for a service and when I picked the car up the display was showing km instead of mpg. Spoke to the mechanic and he said it must of happened when he took the service icon off, but he has no idea how to change it back to mpg? Any ideas ????????
  4. Electronics
    I am new to the forum. I am taking delivery of a 2004 Renault Grand Scenic on Thursday 18th January next. Can anyone tell me how to change the speed display so it shows the speed in kilometers per hour rather than miles per hour?
  5. Cars & motoring
    Hi, I am new to this forum, my 4 previous cars have been 1 megane and 3 Scenics. I am taking my Scenic (new shape) to France this year and wondered if you could change the dash to read kilometers instead of miles.I am a bit concerned with the speed cameras and don,t want to be caught out. Thanks...