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  1. Interiors
    Hey guys, i have a clio mk4 but in desperate need of a new gear knob and gaiter i keep seeing that you have to really pull to get this off, thats no problem but i just need to know what replacement knob and gaiter to buy?? plus i dont want to break anything lol please can you advise?
  2. Transmissions
    Dear friends, I own a 2010 1.5 dci manuel grand scenic. The gear know vibrates badly and makes noise when idling. During driving, there is no vibration nor noise. Could you have a look at the video? As seen in the video, when i push or pull the knob slightly, the vibration and noise go away...
  3. Interiors
    Hi all, Is it an easy job to change the gear knob in a Renault master 2009? Mine is well worn and I would like to buy a new one.
  4. Interiors
    Hi guys my gear knob is worn out on my 2002 kangoo van d65 i understand it is not screwed on these vans and that it is glued on... what is the process for removing it and what is the process for fixing the knew one thanks in advance
  5. Transmissions
    Hello All i have a problem with my renault automatic transmission handle, seems the lock button pop out and is borken, i need to tape it to the gear lever. does anyone knows what part i need to order, i have a picture but its for right side and i need the left side button ( left side driver )...
  6. Tools & equipment
    Hi all, I cant find the way how to replace old gear knob to new one on renault clio mk4 2013 How i can to remove it and install the new one please advise. BR, Nikol
  7. Interiors
    Hello for the 2nd thread today :grin2: I am thinking of replacing the gear knob on my Clio since this one is in service for over 230k km and it is pretty much ruined. The cheapest gear knob (one that actually looks like a normal gear knob) is a Clio Sport replica. I am wondering if anyone...
  8. Electronics
    I need to remove the heater control knob panel (not digital just 3 analogue knobs) as it is not lit up on one side and the toher side the light is intermitent. If someone could advise how to remove it would be appreciated. Regards Tom
  9. Interiors
    Hi all, could anybody help me out I have brought my wife a new knob ? but can't get the old one off. Her car is a 2004 clio 1.5 dci 100bhp. I can't find her gear knob anywhere so the black one in the picture is off eBay and think it said mk3 so now I'm not sure it will fit anyway. The old one...
  10. Interiors
    Looking to change my gear knob as I've just bought this car second hand and it's a bit tatty. I thought you would just have to twist it off but it seems to be a bit different. Anyone help me with how to get it off?
  11. For sale
    2001 Renault Clio interior wood trim gear knob window panels £50 including p & p
  12. Interiors
    Hi. good night (here) to everybody The gear knob of my 2009 megane III was in a pretty bad cosmetic shape and today i decided to replace it. I used a compatible replacement from ebay, and i knew more or less the proccess after reading some posts and watching some videos who made me think it...
  13. Wanted
    Hi I search gear shift knob for laguna 3 GT. Can you help me? Thx Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Tapatalk 2
  14. Interiors
    Hello everyone, I am having a problem removing the gear knob in my 2003 Mk2 Clio. Can anyone give some tips or advice?
  15. Interiors
    Hi, I'm looking to get a new gearbox knob for my Renault Clio 1.2 Extreme and I was wondering if anyone could link me to some good examples maybe from Ebay or Amazon? I was looking around and a lot of people were saying that it has to be a "Lift-Up Reverse Gear Knob"? If so, how do I remove...
  16. Interiors
    Hi guys, Just wondering if anyone knows how to remove the gear knob in a Megane 1. My old one looks awful :(
  17. Interiors
    I've read a few threads detailing how to remove the stock gear know by either cutting off or brute force ! :eek: I just need to source a suitable replacement, seen this on ebay but don't want to buy if it ain't going to fit, is it suitable for a pull up reverse 2001 Clio ...
  18. Interiors
    Hi, I need to try and renew my gear knob cover on my Laguna 3. Can anyone tell me how to get the Knob off. Also I have looked everywhere to buy a one and no luck so I am going to have to try and make my own:eek: Many thanks in advance.
  19. Interiors
    I'd like to have the aluminum knob of Laguna Coupe Monaco GP as shown in the link below. Could someone tell me the parts number of this knob?
1-19 of 69 Results