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  1. Interiors
    Hey guys, i have a clio mk4 but in desperate need of a new gear knob and gaiter i keep seeing that you have to really pull to get this off, thats no problem but i just need to know what replacement knob and gaiter to buy?? plus i dont want to break anything lol please can you advise?
  2. Transmissions
    Dear friends, I own a 2010 1.5 dci manuel grand scenic. The gear know vibrates badly and makes noise when idling. During driving, there is no vibration nor noise. Could you have a look at the video? As seen in the video, when i push or pull the knob slightly, the vibration and noise go away...
  3. Heating & cooling
    hi guys. I recently bought 2010 grand megane. the a/c knob won't engage the coolest setting on the dial. I'm getting loads of resistance when I try and turn it anti clockwise all the way. its stopping me from getting the coolest setting on the a/c. today was very warm and took ages for the car...
  4. Interiors
    Hi all, Is it an easy job to change the gear knob in a Renault master 2009? Mine is well worn and I would like to buy a new one.
  5. Interiors
    Dear All Recently picked up a red leather interior for my Megane CC Finally had a break in the weather to make a start on the swap. The guy who I bought it off said the gear knob just pulls off It did but the old one and new one are different The old one has a groove at the bottom where the...
  6. Interiors
    Hi guys my gear knob is worn out on my 2002 kangoo van d65 i understand it is not screwed on these vans and that it is glued on... what is the process for removing it and what is the process for fixing the knew one thanks in advance
  7. Transmissions
    Hello All i have a problem with my renault automatic transmission handle, seems the lock button pop out and is borken, i need to tape it to the gear lever. does anyone knows what part i need to order, i have a picture but its for right side and i need the left side button ( left side driver )...
  8. Interiors
    The knob that controls the fan strength has a chrome circular trim set into the knob. This trim fell off yesterday and will not stay in place. So, my question is would this minor thing be covered by the warranty? If not, am I likely to be able to buy a replacement? I am assuming that there was...
  9. Interiors
    Hi all, I'm needing a new gearknob for my Mk3 Grand Scenic as mine is worn and with it being cream, just looks permanently dirty.... I've seen some on ebay made from pool balls, the people who make them just need the fitment details... I then found this (see attachment) as a direct...
  10. Tools & equipment
    Hi all, I cant find the way how to replace old gear knob to new one on renault clio mk4 2013 How i can to remove it and install the new one please advise. BR, Nikol
  11. Interiors
    Hello for the 2nd thread today :grin2: I am thinking of replacing the gear knob on my Clio since this one is in service for over 230k km and it is pretty much ruined. The cheapest gear knob (one that actually looks like a normal gear knob) is a Clio Sport replica. I am wondering if anyone...
  12. Interiors
    I'm looking at buying a Laguna III from a used car dealer, but the small compartment in front of the gear knob (beneath the radio) won't open. Salesman says he had another Laguna III with the same issue. Has anyone else experienced this, and if so, how can it be opened?
  13. Electronics
    I need to remove the heater control knob panel (not digital just 3 analogue knobs) as it is not lit up on one side and the toher side the light is intermitent. If someone could advise how to remove it would be appreciated. Regards Tom
  14. Interiors
    Hi all, could anybody help me out I have brought my wife a new knob ? but can't get the old one off. Her car is a 2004 clio 1.5 dci 100bhp. I can't find her gear knob anywhere so the black one in the picture is off eBay and think it said mk3 so now I'm not sure it will fit anyway. The old one...
  15. Interiors
    Looking to change my gear knob as I've just bought this car second hand and it's a bit tatty. I thought you would just have to twist it off but it seems to be a bit different. Anyone help me with how to get it off?
  16. Interiors
    Hi,does anyone know how to get the gear knob off a 2002 espace 2.2dci manual gearbox?As all the leather has worn off mine,many thanks in advance Sent from my SM-T310 using Tapatalk
  17. Electronics
    Hi, My partner has a 2006 (55 Plate) Clio Dynamique S and there are 2 problems regarding electrics... 1. The fan / blower dial only works on settings 1 and 2 so I'm assuming it just needs a new dial? If so, is it easy for a complete novice, like me, to fit and how much do these usually...
  18. For sale
    2001 Renault Clio interior wood trim gear knob window panels £50 including p & p
  19. Interiors
    Hi. good night (here) to everybody The gear knob of my 2009 megane III was in a pretty bad cosmetic shape and today i decided to replace it. I used a compatible replacement from ebay, and i knew more or less the proccess after reading some posts and watching some videos who made me think it...
  20. Wanted
    Hi I search gear shift knob for laguna 3 GT. Can you help me? Thx Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Tapatalk 2