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  1. Slaguna mk3 1.5 weird knocking sound from front suspension

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi . I have a knocking. Hiking from front suspension, not very loud and usually on turning steering wheel tightly , or acceleration, jobs already done ( outer tie rods, drop links , top shelf mounts, both wish bones, was a problem with subframe which wasn***8217;t reassembled correctly causing a...
  2. 1.5 dci Engine knocking, but not all the time?

    I have recently bought a Kangoo mk1 1.5 dci (132,000 miles), yesterday I noticed a knocking sound from the engine, it only seems to do it in bouts of 12, 12 knocks in time, then stop, a few seconds later do it again. Also I will sometimes feel vibrations through the car when it knocks. The car...
  3. grand scenic knocking from front end

    Ask the Experts
    I have a knocking from front end of car new front shockers replaced with mounts etc.. new drag links replaced, new engine mounts replaced and still theres a knocking sounds like metal to metal and only on bumpy road . smooth road everything is ok
  4. Lag III 2.0dCi knocking.

    Ask the Experts
    Hi all. I gave a 2010 Laguna 3 which has just passed its' MOT. However I was expecting it to fail as it has an annoying rattle at the front. Here in northern Ireland the MOT test centres put your vehicle on a ramp with moving plates and play a game of "lets try to pull your car apart". I may...
  5. Knocking Noise After Hitting Large Pot Hole? (MEGANE III)

    Steering and Suspension
    After hitting a pot hole at least 6" deep, 4" wide (No exaggeration), I hear the odd knocking and groaning noise coming from the front nearside. Heard when turning or going over a lowered curb. The noise is very intermittent. Suspension coil hasn't snapped. Tyre and rim are fine. What sort of...
  6. Twingo Knocking Noise from Front?

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi all, Renault Twingo dynamique, '15 plate, 45k miles. Recently i noticed a knocking noise coming from the front when driving at lower speeds (under 30ish) over uneven road surfaces. The noise is most prominent between 5-25mph over slightly uneven road surfaces, like where theres been...
  7. Knocking sound when turning the steering wheel (Megane II)

    Steering and Suspension
    I have a Megane II that has been sat idle for a little over a month (a pothole took out my front wheel). I've now had a replacement wheel fitted, and was trying to slowly drive the car to make sure it was OK. Regardless of whether I am moving or stationary, there is a knocking sound coming from...
  8. Knocking noise (2010 Clio), exhaust issue?

    Hi all, Recently purchased a 2010 Clio DCI 86, all good and well, runs perfect apart from an irritating hollow knocking noise which occurs when driving over bumpy road surfaces at a medium to low speed. Checked spare wheel wasn’t loose, exhaust doesn’t seem to have excessive movement on the...
  9. Anti roll bar knocking.

    Steering and Suspension
    Traffic 2005 roll bar is knocking. Looking like it's the two central rubbers. Are they pretty easy to change? Also the centre or rear enginge mount is split. Are they easy to change? Thanks for any replies.
  10. Trafic 2016 rear suspension knocking

    Steering and Suspension
    I bought a brand new trafic in 2016. 2 months later at 10250km i had a knocking sound from the rear, i took it to my local reno dealer... shocks were gone and needed van doesnt carry any load, ive 2 dogs and cycling bike, and occasional scouting equipment, so i thought no problem...
  11. trafic mkIII almost new 1,6 dci knocking gearbox at idle

    Hi Guys as per my intro sub i have now driven 1800 km in the van from new it has the commonly used 1,6 dci engine mated to van gearbox today i started it up from cold and there was a knocking noise coming from the gearbox at idle when i press the clutch the noise stops usually on older cars...
  12. Clio tce knocking

    Steering and Suspension
    Evening ppl my girlfriends car makes a clunk/knock when steering on full lock at low speeds like when manoeuver and can feel something move at same time. Also there is a knocking while driving. Any help would be great thanks
  13. 2.2 DCI knocking, suspect lifters, video inside...

    We sold our beloved Grand Espace to my brother-in-law who has managed to break it ("didn't they notice any problems at the service?", "what service?", <sigh>). It's got a very heavy knocking form the top end of the engine, he's taken it to two workshops who have both told him "bottem end has...
  14. Engine knocking Master 2.5 dci

    I recently bought a 2009 Master 2.5 dci. shes got 220k miles, but generally in extremely good condition and thousands spent over the last couple of years covering alsorts from new injectors, turbo, head etc etc etc. I bought the van as a non-runner with a severe knocking noise from the engine...
  15. knocking off service light 1999 megane

    is there a known way you can knock off or reset the service light manually on a renault megane 1999 coupe 1.6
  16. knocking

    Steering and Suspension
    have a 1.4 , 2004 megane.. theres a loud knocking comming from the o/s/f when turning steering, braking, and stoping then changing direction foward/stop/reverse. there is no 6-12 movement in the wheel, not feeling anything in the spring or top mount when having someone turn wheel. there was an...
  17. Knocking From Front End

    Steering and Suspension
    I have a 52-plate megane-scenic 1.9dci, I have a knocking from the front end when going over bumps in the road..feels like floor area? Also when going over speed humps if feels all loose and bouncy assume both connected any ideas please.
  18. Alternator belt snapped whilst driving, now engine knocking (Scenic 1.5)

    I was driving on Friday and my alternator belt snapped and shortly after I noticed that there was a knocking coming from around the alternator area that got faster as you revved it. I haven't had a chance to look at it yet but I'm suspecting that a bit of the belt's debris has been pulled into...
  19. Megane II 1.4 Petrol Knocking

    Hi all, recently purchased a 1.4 Megane II, 109k. Car has developed what I can only describe as a old tappet sound?? Car also makes a knocking noise when you come off the accelerator at like 2-3k revs, as soon as you put your foot back on the pedal the noise goes away. No running issues, car...
  20. Knocking when starting engine

    Hi, new to this so here goes I have a Laguna 2.0l Auto extreme 04 plate and on start up in the morning i have a constant knocking noise which seems to originate from the engine area. The knocking shudders the car and is felt quite distinctively in the drivers seat. Now, when in park the...