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  1. Megane II GT 150 2.0 DCI engine knocking on startup

    Hi I’ve got a 07 Megane 2.0 DCI GT 150 with a strange knocking sound when it starts up from cold. I’ve found a video on YouTube of a Laguna DCI engine with exactly the same issue. Once the car has been running for a couple of minutes the problem...
  2. Clio 1.5DCI 2005-2009 NSF Knocking Noise

    Hello, this is my first post and I was wondering if any one can help or advise. I have a knocking noise which appears to be coming from the NSF of the car, it is more like a rattling noise. I have had both Anti-Roll bar links replaced, but the noise is still there. It seems more prominent at...
  3. Car clonking, knocking, steering going out, wishbones replaced 3 times!!!

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi, I have a problem with my grand scenic, and it is now a huge nuisance! Right last year I had the wishbones replaced because of clonking that gradually got worse and worse until it was really loud. It was eventually making a loud DUNK on either passenger and drivers depending on which was I...
  4. clio iv knocking sound front suspension

    Steering and Suspension
    hello everyone, i know very frequent question this one, but mine it's an all new clio iv dci. Knocking noise from the front right suspension specially at low speeds over unlevel ground. i cant imagine about bushes cause its new but what else might be. monday i m going to chech the shocks if any...
  5. 1989 trafic knocking noise from front wheel

    when turning steering wheel there is a knocking noise from front wheel area
  6. Knocking sound from under bonnet without engine on

    Hi all, I have a 2012 renault laguna 2.0 dci. The car often makes this knocking noise when unlocking the car or when arriving at home. It comes from under the bonnet down left but i can't seem to find what makes this noise? I made a short video but because of the wind you only hear the sound...
  7. 1.9 dCi knocking engine

    Hello folks! Last night on my way to Luton the car developed a loud knocking noise. I have stopped at the services and stopped it. After checking oil and coolant levels which were fine I tried starting it again but the engine sounded as it is struggling so I called green flag. After an hour the...
  8. knocking from front o/s wheel

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi all I have a meganeII sports tourer on a57 plate. I am getting a knocking noise coming from the front o/s wheel area ,but only when driving slow (around 0-40 mph) over rough roads. I had the steering rack replaced about a year ago and about 2 months ago the coil springs, drop links and all...
  9. Nearside Suspension Knocking

    Steering and Suspension
    Had a knocking on the passenger front for some time, Took it too a garage they said it was inner tie rod, took it back next day to get it done...then they said it was the steering rack. I said F you. Bought a refurbed rack for £70 and had different mechainc fit it for £100. The main knocking has...
  10. Megane 2007 knocking banging

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi Anyone give me some advice the Megane passed it's mot no problems last month but this week I've had a knocking banging from what seems like the front near side when driving over uneven roads. I can ride over potholes or speed bumps and flat roads and not hear anything. The car drive and...
  11. Help, 1.6 16v K4M engine knocking under load?

    Hi all, my car started displaying a loss of power this morning, flatting out at 4k, and developed a rattling noise on the way home. The engine specifics are: 1980 1.6 16v K4M petrol 98k miles. No visible leaks, no mayo in cap. Recent new plugs. So this morning I accelerated to merge with...
  12. megane 3 hatchback door knocking

    I have a megabe 3 61 ref and when driving over uneven roads there is a knocking from the hatchback door as if it is loose. I have checked and the rubber stopper s are there so not sure what or how to stop the annoying knocking.
  13. megane knocking

    Hi guys I'm after some help with my mk2 1.6. I have started to get a noise on start up if the car is left for a day or so, it sounds like a metal on metal knock but last for just seconds. If the cars is used several times in a day it won't reoccur at all just after a rest period. Now this being...
  14. Laguna 2 Rear suspension vague and knocking / rattling

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi folks, Here's my problem. My '05 lag 2 dci rattles/knocks over undulations and is interesting through the bends to say the least :eek: So far I have done the following: Replaced rear axle bushes (originals looked fine to me) Replaced a worn shocker Jacked up the rear and looked for...
  15. Reanult clio 63 creaking & knocking at rear end

    Had clio since October 2013. So far has caused me nothing but bother. Stunning looking car seems to be a pile of c**P. I am cutting this very short believe me but basically it has been in and out of garage since being 3 month old with the same fault and with them saying its a rare issue and we...
  16. Laguna III dci saloon Strange knocking suspension

    Steering and Suspension
    Strange noise if on uneven tarmac like a knocking noise but on new tarmac nothing !!!! I had the wheel off nothing appears loose but the odd looking bar from the arb too the strut should this be moveable by hand or am I looking in the wrong dept thanks The Dawg
  17. knocking noise coming from cabriolet roof

    I have a knocking noise coming from the mount where the roof locks to the mount above the windscreen Help much appreciated
  18. Knocking from Front Wheel!

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi all, I have a 03 1.2 16v Clio, and I drive it like a madhead (I'm a young lad, come on) and recently I've noticed quite a large knock/shake from the front right. It only really happens when I'm going between 45-60 MPH, but it's massive, I feel it banging as such, and a really large knocking...
  19. Fuel Tank Knocking

    Hoi guys, took my megane to the garage earlier, for knocking rear suspension. Turns out its not the suspension its something knocking inside the fuel tank. They said they'd have to take off the tank to have a look. I declined and took it to a renault breakers/fixers who said its strange for...
  20. Knocking clanking noise Laguna II OSF

    Steering and Suspension
    I have a laguna II 1.9. A noise has developed in the front drivers side. It's not really loud when the power is on or when it is in gear and still moving under power. It really shows up when either in neutral and freewheeling at slower speeds and increases in frequency if I speed up until it...