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  1. Clio II K-Tec Induction kit relocation pipe

    For sale
    This kit allows an induction kit to be relocated down to the front of the engine where there is better air flow to improve performance. It is not a full induction kit as it needs as the an adapter plate that slots into where the air box would be is needed. This is effectively just the relocation...
  2. KTEC Youtube Channel - Fitting Throttle Bodies

    Renault performance specialist KTEC have their own Youtube channel which shows a few interesting things.This video shows how to fit their throttle body kit.... They have just had a new rolling road fitted and are holding...
  3. K-Tec Racing

    Anyone had any dealings with K-Tec, specifically with their ECU services?
  4. Fitting a K-tec Induction kit

    Cars & motoring
    This week i was going to put on an induction kit for my megane sport alize 1.6 16 valve and do a "how to" page on the forums. I stumbled at stage one - missing the peugeot 206 in front of me!!!!
  5. K-Tec Spoiler

    WeLL after 3 weeks of waiting i finally got it on and I think it looks okay so im ready for all the shopping trolley remarks, BRING IT ON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (TOOK THESE PIC WITH MY PHONE, NOT TO BAD HEY)