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    She's probably going kill me now:grin2: But I just wanted to say happy birthday to a lovely person and let her know how appreciated she is on here, and more importantly as a person/friend .. I know it's a day late Heather but I hope you had a great day:x:x:x
  2. Cars & motoring
    Renault clio 2008 was casually driving and smoke started coming from the steering wheel/where the keys go so I pulled over. Then tried to carry on to car park and smoke was bellowing out so had to get towed by a lovely member or the public. I got a mechanic out and he replaced the "stalks" but...
  3. Engines
    Hi, im looking for some advice and help about a problem my laguna has. about 2 months ago our renault laguna 2005 1.9 expression dci ( i think thats what it is) started to cut out while driving with the warning light saying injection fault. The car is running fine, no lack of speed or...
  4. Electronics
    Hi I hope you can help. My auxilary bet broke on my Laguna Priliege dci M2 2001 car. I had this fixed and was told the source was a bad pulley. He mentioned an odd grinding noise after just starting the engine which he wasnt happy about but it wouldnt do it when he tried to show me. Anyway...
  5. Engines
    Hi Guys and girls Happy New Year I really am lost both with what's going on with my car and on this site, I hope I have posted in the right place and that someone can help me out I really know very little about cars, so this problem has got me tearing my hair out and no one I know can figure...
  6. Electronics
    Nowthen All I forgot to mention in my last post of a weird symbol on the dash display of my Dti 1999 laguna 1 it is in orange in centre of display. It shows what looks like an estate car with a person with a lolipop stick at the rear tailgate what is it? and what does it indicate.
  7. Engines
    Living in the middle of nowhere my recently purchased (private sale) Sports Tourer 03, 1.9 DCi started but sounded non too healthy. Accelarator did nothing! Element light with warning light appeared on dash. Since told it is an ECU problem & I should "remove & send it away"!?!? Is this even...
  8. Cars & motoring
    i have just put my renault espase in for a m.o.t .came back as a failure hand break needs tightening up how do i do this?also nearside suspension joint needs doing and idle speed running high and low when ticking over where do i start can anybody help:confused:
  9. Electronics
    HI, I have a laguna 02 1.9 DCI today my wonderful husband changed a broken brake light bulb, washed and hoovered my car and noe it wont work. When i put in the key the dashboard is flashing, the engine will not start, the radio comes on the lights come on it locks and unlocks but I cant go...
  10. Electronics
    I have a 2002 (52 plate) Renault Megane Scenic Fidji. I have had terrible problems recently with the coil packs and have had them all replaced over the course of a few months :steam: . However, the dreaded "orange light" is back on and in addition to this it is drinking petrol like a fish and...
  11. General Chat
    If you're not watching this programme now, go and turn your TV over to it - its fabulous!! The scouser is class - you'll know what i mean if you watch it :rofl: :rofl: