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  1. Lag III 2.0dCi knocking.

    Ask the Experts
    Hi all. I gave a 2010 Laguna 3 which has just passed its' MOT. However I was expecting it to fail as it has an annoying rattle at the front. Here in northern Ireland the MOT test centres put your vehicle on a ramp with moving plates and play a game of "lets try to pull your car apart". I may...
  2. Noisey lag 1.9 dci

    I started a thread the other day on this but maybe the title was not appropriate - I agree. My 2002 lag 2 with 215,000 km. has developed some strange symptoms. At idle everything is fine. While sitting still - rev the engine to 2,500 and let off suddenly and as the engine is almost back to idle...
  3. Lag II phII cabasse auditorium sound problems

    In Car Entertainment
    Hello guys. I've got a Laguna II ph II with the cabass auditorium tronic with frontal 6cd radio. I'm having problems with his sound. Randomly it stop playing any kind of sound: calls, radio, cd, navigation, voice settings. I ear a POP and it gets quiet. everything "visual" works, I can play...
  4. what's next with programming new sensor to my lag 2

    hi, I have fitted new tpms tire valve sensors to my 2003 year laguna 2. Each valve has an eight numbered code which is beginning zero. I have programmed the codes to the UCH. At this point I saw that the superscan software omits the first zero and programs the seven digit of the code. I have...
  5. What may be happened to my lag 2 tpms system?

    Ask the Experts
    Hi everybody, I have an 2003 year lag 2, 2.0 privilige (I hope I wrote this right). When I have purchased it, there was no tpms sensors on the wheels but the headup display shown four black labels near the car symbol. Now I have a diagonostic device and superscan software and last day I found...
  6. iCarsoft i907 for 2002 Lag 2 1.9 dci

    Hello all, My Lag 2 still will not start and I feel it is time to get a decent scan tool. I don't want to put up with the uncertainty and bad karma of using a China clone so I am looking at the iCarsoft i907. I see people on this forum speak well of it but I have read on other sites people who...
  7. Check injection system Lag mk3 OBD reader?

    Hi all, I’ve got a Laguna 3 GT180, it’s popped up with check injection after a bit of hesitation around 2000rpm and drinking fuel faster than I could put it in. Since the light has been on mpg has returned to normal and drives fine? I bought an Ancel AD410 to hopefully give me an idea (I...
  8. Lag 2 auto gaiter removal

    Hi all Looking to swap the leather gaiter on the auto, but I can't see how to get it off.. if I need to remove the selector knob how do I do this? Thanks
  9. Lag 2 interior boot light

    Hi folks Just fixed my puddle lights by replacing the 501's with leds, and I was hoping this would fix the interior boot light but it hasn't. Bulb is fine, recently cleaned up the earth for it and the rear clusters... is this another light fitting that will somehow only work with an led or is...
  10. Plugs Fouled Black Sooty 1.8 Petrol Lag II **Fixed**

    Hey all, great forum! Got a problem with 1.8L Petrol Laguna II 2002 that has just started fouling all the spark plugs with black dry sooty carbon. The engine is also running very lumpy with lots of hesitation and fluctuating revs. I've fitted new Bosch plugs and they are fouling very quickly. I...
  11. air con compressor on Lag III

    Heating & cooling
    Well, one thing after the other on my Lag at the moment. Air con not blowing cold so took to local tyre/exhaust place. They said they emptied and refilled the gas though it wasn't low and their diagnosis was that the feed (electric I assume) was getting to the compressor but not activating it so...
  12. Lag III cambelt change

    Hi. Just wondering, is a cambelt change on a Lag III 1,5dci a job that any little garage can do or is it something needing special tools and best left to a Renault garage? What sort of money can I expect to pay?
  13. Lag III Service - what's done at what service

    Don't know what forum this would be best under but Engines seems as good as any. With no Haynes manual available for the Lag III just wondering what should be done at each service. As service intervals are every 2 years I assume they are all full services with things like fuel filters changed...
  14. Lag III subframe replacement **Sorted**

    Steering and Suspension
    Right, first of all let me say, Yes - I am a total [email protected] and still can't believe what I've done. Got in my car to come home from work and immediately I started driving got loud knocking/clanking noise from front passenger side. Got home when starting to get a bit dark but decided to jack it up and...
  15. Lag rt sport 1998

    Hi new to this site and firstly would like to say HI! My problem is that when I came to my work this morning my gear stick just went all floppy on me and couldn't select any gears. The car is now sitting in my work carpark. Problem is I live 30 miles from work and need to get home tonight. What...
  16. Lag 3 front indicator bulb replacement

    Hi. Just replaced dipped beam bulb on my Lag 3 - piece of p!$$ - but just wondering how I would go about changing either of the front indicator bulbs, doesn't look simple or accessible at all so any info in advance of it happening might be useful later. Cheers
  17. Laguna 2 150BHP lag and poor MPG

    Hi Folks, I've just 'upgraded' my awesome 1.9 Dci laguna 120BHP for a dissapointing 2.0 Dci 150 BHP. :frown2: Disappointing because nothing much happens before 2200 RPM , but to be fair it does get itself shifting after that. No smoke , no nasty noises etc . The 120 was much quicker off the...
  18. Induction for 2.0 DCi 180 Lag Coup�

    Induction for 2.0 DCi 180 Lag Coupé I've done some quick searching around, but the Laguna Coupé seems a bit too niche to have any induction kits specifically for it. Two questions: 1) Are they any kits for cars with the same engine that would fit? 2) Does anyone know the size of the intake so...
  19. Lag 3 door stay replacement

    Hi. Need to replace both front door stays on Laguna 3. Does the door card have to come off or can the speaker be taken out more easily and get at it that way? Cheers
  20. lag II 07 M9R engine help!

    hi all posted on here not long ago when i dismantled and cleaned my EGR valve, i have a few niggles with the way my engine is running (nothing major....YET) ok so first off... EGR + MAF plugged in. slow throttle response when pulling away, major flat spot (feels like turbo stalling) very...