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  1. Air conditioning display repair Lag1

    Hey guys, It's not possible that I am the only one with the automatic AC display acting up, but I've not found a single bit of information on repairing these. I now have two head units with missing segments in the display! (Laguna 1 phase 2) I popped the head unit apart to do the hot-air-gun...
  2. Lag1 Haynes

    For sale
    I have a Lag1 Haynes in vgc, any interest?
  3. Help! possible waterpump failure Lag1 2l

    Heating & cooling
    Hi, I have a Laguna 1 2l Rti with the volvo powerplant, I've changed the thermostat, managed to break the housing and have now at least temporarily repaired it, problem is now the heater is still not getting hot! I've had it running and I'm getting water pressure now (managed to get a gasket in...
  4. Lpg system from lag2 to lag1?

    Hiya, not sure if this is the right section, hopefully it is, any ideas whether an lpg system from a Laguna 2 would fit onto a laguna 1? Both are 3L v6 models, all the wiring is with the kit but I'm a bit worried the connectors would be different? Both engines are L7X if thats any help?
  5. best tyres for a lag1 estate?

    Wheels & tyres
    Hi Seems a daft question - I fitted top quality budget tyres on front of my estate (ok I know what you are thinking BUt they do hold the road, etc). But I get road noise since fitting, swapped for the rear set but still similar road noise. Not bearings or joints as have tried varying speeds...
  6. lag1 bonnet release hard to open

    the bonnet release on my 2000 Lag1 has got to the point where my hands are not strong enough to grip and pull the lever far enough to pop the bonnet, I have had to make a special tool for the job, I will soon be taking it to my local Renault garage for a quote and suspect the cable will have to...
  7. Faulty drivers seat - Lag1 ph2

    I have have a problem with the drivers seat hight adjustment (non electric). When I operate the lever the seat sinks to the low position a little to quickly and doesn't have enough springiness to lift me back up (and no - I'm not too fat :p ). I can get the seat up if I operate the lever when...
  8. lengthen 5th gear Lag1

    Hello! I would like to lengthen 5th gear on my Lag1 stage2 as it is very short (4k rpm/130km/h). The car is Laguna 1.8 16V Concord. As I understand renewing 5th gear is very simple so must be replacing. The question is which (i can't remember the word, cirular thing with tooths) should I...
  9. Lag1 Ph2 Spark Plugs

    OK, daft I know...... Where are the spark plugs located on my V6? I've had the plastic cover off and there appears to be three leads going to three 'boxes' labelled 1,2 and 3 - are they there, do I have to take the 'boxes' off? Any other engine I have seen spark plugs on are directly under...
  10. Lag1 rotating door barrels

    Hi All. I have succumbed to the nasty nasty inactive plip - have managed to bypass immobiliser by the wiper stalk / accelerator method (£15 no haggle for immob code!) BUT - the central locking obviously doesn't work - and when I go to the drivers door to use the key - the whole barrel just turns...
  11. Lag1 clutch replacement.

    Hi all. My clutch (or at least i think its that) has gone on my 98 Lag1. Any idea how much these usually cost to have replaced? Alternatively, are these difficult to do yourself (ait done a frontwheel drive clutch for a while) and whats the price for the parts? Also, any ideas on how to...
  12. lag1 clutch

    renault laguna1 phase1 2.2 diesel with jc5 gearbox...clutch pedal feeling high with poor biting point and clutch smell starting to a wee bit busy and havent tackled it yet so anyone changed a clutch on one of these before and is it pretty straight forward...or engine removal??? drive...
  13. Renault Laguna 1 - Fuel Tank Strap Location And Advise

    Lag1 fuel tank straps. Panic a bit!!!! If you have an old Lag1 panic a bit. Some time back after seeing this, I found I had the same problem with my old Mk1 Laguna.
  14. Ecotek on Lag1 - Anyone got any experience with these ?

    General tuning
    Hi all, Has any body got experience of one of those Ecotek valves, especially on a Lag 1 RTi? What is the general oppinion on these? Mark