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  1. Electronics
    hi, as above - the nav screen no longer changes between "day mode" and "night mode" with the auto lights. I recently reset the system to clear old addresses etc yet also appear to have now lost this function, any ideas??? thanks in advance.
  2. Engines
    starting to hear one or two sounds that were the death rattle of my initiale a couple of years ago, and want to start stockpiling parts(!) ready for a quick return to the road. ive seen a few odds and ends at breakers but want to understand a bit more about the variables before commiting...
  3. Engines
    After losing turbo pressure at the beginning of the week and the car going into limp mode I decided to do some exploratory fault finding to see if I could find the problem. Turbo, connections, vac pipes all ok. So I give the turbo solenoid a whack, start the car up, and get in! it works...
  4. Engines
    Turbo failed on my Lag 2 today, started to consume the engine oil but I was able to stall it before the oil ran out, looked about half full still when I managed to get the engine off. My question is multi part and goes something like this.... New Turbo or recon? Does anyone know any good...
  5. Tools & equipment thanks.
  6. Engines
    started the car as normal, drove a hlaf mile, and the orange engine management light started flashing (the one in the ref counter) quote james may: oh co*k drove 100 yards and said light went out..... gone the 15 miles to work and all seems fine. someone does have a fault code reader here, so i...
  7. Electronics
    off abroad early next year and i need a bulb kit. now the manual says that the H1 and H7 bulbs need to anti-uv - as the headlamps are plastic? does this ring bells with anyone? tesco's, halfords sell kits - but are the bulbs anti-uv??
  8. Electronics
    Hi guys, as above - anyone have / know of an update for the system, allowing distance to destination etc on display? Am in process of waiting for new map disk, hopefully to enable the TMC system. Would like to revise the operating system to latest also. Also - in the expert menu, on the...
  9. Engines
    Hi, when accelerating gently in all gears / across the rev band my 1.9 dCi judders and appears to slip slightly. Accelerating harder loses this feel. Being a petrol convert, I want to know if this is merely a "quirk" of a diesel engine?, or is there an issue with my car. The engine was...
  10. Miscellaneous
    remove the grill below wipers.
  11. Electronics
    Hi Everyone, Just bought a 51 plate Laguna Dynamique 1.6 16v and really like this car. Don't think I have ever been more comfortable when driving! However I do have a small problem that hopefully someone can help me with..... Despite having put £30 worth of petrol in the car the fuel gauge...
1-11 of 14 Results