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  1. Lag2 DVD nav not dimming automatically

    hi, as above - the nav screen no longer changes between "day mode" and "night mode" with the auto lights. I recently reset the system to clear old addresses etc yet also appear to have now lost this function, any ideas??? thanks in advance.
  2. Lag2 Ph2 GT175 engine type

    starting to hear one or two sounds that were the death rattle of my initiale a couple of years ago, and want to start stockpiling parts(!) ready for a quick return to the road. ive seen a few odds and ends at breakers but want to understand a bit more about the variables before commiting...
  3. best way of securing lag2 rack boots/gaiters ?

    Steering and Suspension
    Iv'e just had a quick look under my car as I will be replacing the rack ends in the next cpl of weeks and there looks to be really limited access to the end of the actual rack and can't see how you can get a clip of any type on there ? what clips are best ? do you need to drop the subframe ...
  4. Fitting parking sensors to Lag2

    iam getting ready to do mine to on a lag 2 any pics would help picking up reversing light mite be a bit awkward
  5. lag2 1.9Dci limp mode and turbo problem solved!!

    After losing turbo pressure at the beginning of the week and the car going into limp mode I decided to do some exploratory fault finding to see if I could find the problem. Turbo, connections, vac pipes all ok. So I give the turbo solenoid a whack, start the car up, and get in! it works...
  6. I have a fuel pump in my LAG2 2L IDE- CONFUSED

    :confused: I have an issue with my Lag IDE.!! The problem is the dreaded fuel injection fault and engine going into limp home or shuts down altogether. Im new here so would like some advise please peoples. The IDE doesnt have a tank mounted fuel pump according to all the info I can pull up...
  7. Lag2 Tourer Rear Quarter "stickers"...

    ...strange one really, as above - there are 2pcs large clear stickers on the arch in front of each rear wheel. (mk2b) anyone know what these are for, presume some form of guard / protector for passenger's heels? i ask since one of them is peeling / lifting, and it is attracting dirt and grime...
  8. 53 Lag 2 ABS sensors

    Hi, Am I right in thinking that using a multimeter set on ohms, placing the test probes across the two contacts on the plug at the end of the cable of the ABS sensor, whilst it is still attached to the hub, should cause a deviation to the reading when the wheel is turned? Is there another easy...
  9. Lag2 Windscreen wash

    I have a slightly different problem re screen wash. When I wash my front screen, water comes out of the rear. If I disconnect the front pipe and blow and suck, it is then fine for a couple of days, then reverts to above. Any ideas guys Kev :crying:
  10. Urgently Needed 02-05 Lag2 1.8/16v Catalytic coverter

    Hi all Just back from Ukraine and am now getting the Laguna 2 Estate repaired. I've managed to destroy my Catalytic Converter in Nikoliav and Lviv, thanks to the awsome roads out there. I need an Original Renualt High Flow Metalic downpipe catalytic converter for a 2002 Laguna 1.8/16v...
  11. Lag2 Alloy Wheel

    For sale
    BNIB Thunder Optional wheel, any interest? I also have a silverstone centre cap that can go with it.
  12. Lag2 2001 1.8 Petrol Idle Issues

    I have read many posts regarding the Lag2 having idle and cut out issues. My 51 plate Lag was having this issue, the TB was cleaned and this did the trick for a while then the issue returned but worse. Having taken it to the Renault main dealer, their diagnostic shown a faulty ignition coil and...
  13. 03 Lag2 Initiale Tourer or 08 BMW 520d Msport Tourer

    Cars & motoring
    Well the question is in the title. I am at the end of the line with the Lag and have a small window to get reasonable money back on her. I am very tempted by this or something very similar. Insurance, running costs and price are all reasonable and the general trend of users reviews on What...
  14. Lag2 headlight dashlight not switching off

    The green light stays on on the dash even with the card removed and the lights off. There is no problem with the lights except the rear centre is out apparently. Any ideas? Cheers! :d
  15. Lag2 1.9DCi Turbo Failure :(

    Turbo failed on my Lag 2 today, started to consume the engine oil but I was able to stall it before the oil ran out, looked about half full still when I managed to get the engine off. My question is multi part and goes something like this.... New Turbo or recon? Does anyone know any good...
  16. 2006 lag2 1.9dci facelift fuel gauge.

    yesterday, i had run my car dead low on fuel, must have been less than half a litre until it actually ran out (have actually run it out once :o) so i put some fuel in it, and the fuel gauge didn't move. it just sat on the bottom stop. wonderful. so after having a think about it, i reckoned i'd...
  17. Lpg system from lag2 to lag1?

    Hiya, not sure if this is the right section, hopefully it is, any ideas whether an lpg system from a Laguna 2 would fit onto a laguna 1? Both are 3L v6 models, all the wiring is with the kit but I'm a bit worried the connectors would be different? Both engines are L7X if thats any help?
  18. lag2 spark plug choice

    so many to chhose from, ngk, bosch, champion, single or multi electrode. whats the best to aim for? or should i go to renault and buy genuine ones from them? and would anyone know the renault part number? car is a 2001 1.6 lag2 this e**y site has genuine listed parts, and at £2.50 a go must be...
  19. Knocking sound under braking on Lag2 sport tourer

    Wheels & tyres
    Hi, I have just bought my first Renault,a Laguna 2 sport tourer 1.9DCi 2002 model. The problem i have is there is a knocking sound coming from the passenger side front tyre area (sorry i am by no means a mechanic :D). It only seems to come under braking. My head tells me it is the suspension...
  20. lag2 front shock replacement

    Steering and Suspension
    did the rear last year and now time to do the front, as it seems to bang and crash over the smallest of holes / ruts or whatever. is there anything i should be aware off when taking apart to make life easier or is it straightforward: drop-link, 2 lower mounting bolts, top bolts etc. also...