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  1. A big thanks to Lagdti

    General Chat
    A short post to thank Lagdti for all of his work as a Super Mod of this very forum. I would genuinely like to say thank you for the unstinting work and advice you've given in making the RF what it was. Cheers old bean, keep up the good work in your new roll :guinness:
  2. Lagdti

    General Chat
    I've seen Lag on here tonight, anyone heard if all is OK, it must be getting close. :cool:
  3. Happy birthday Lagdti

    General Chat
    Have a great day Lag, your pressie won't be too long in arriving & everything should go back to the right shape :) :beer::beer:
  4. Fao Lagdti

    LAGTDI Hope you dont mind this way of asking for advice on this confusing issue (for me anyway). can you see if by reading this anything jumps out as to a possible way forward?? It is my 2.0 ltr Vel Satis Well there I was all tooled up and got the gear on the car reading and clearing faults. 2...
  5. Lagdti In Job Interview Shock

    Formula 1 news
    Sworn Ferrari fan Lagdti has been spotted attending a job interview......... ....rumours that he is set to replace Fernando Alonso are said to be wide of the mark,although spy shots of a prototype car with extra leg room have been leaked. More on this later......:d
  6. LagDti - Do you have any info on teves ABS

    I noticed in one of your replies that you have some info on this system. I have a basic overview of the system but i'm looking for information on fault codes and how to reset it. I have my ECU on the bench at work and i'm trying to fix it, it seems to be checking the solenoids and pump. Next...
  7. lagdti

    I dunno who said what to who, or why, but it’s too darn easy in a open forum with only 2D text to communicate with, to unwittingly, or with intent, offend someone. It’s a lot easier when you can look folks right between their eyes and maybe get a truer fuller picture, of their intended meaning...
  8. lagdti's avatar

    General Chat
    Just come on to find lagdti's avatar has changed to a picture of that cheating Kraut F1 driver. Vote to make him change it please
  9. Vote Lagdti!!!

    General Chat
    Recently we have had a post from someone involved in a 'Car Battle' website,and they are looking for Renault owners to join in.Myself and Mattdci have signed up and are currently battling one another.If you sign up(free and easy to do),you can vote for one of us and then take on the winner...
  10. Happy Birthday Hondo and Lagdti

    General Chat
    Happy Birthday Hondo! Happy Birthday Hondo.:) :) :) :) :) No age given though...............:p :p :p :p