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  1. Lagna won't download phonebook from Galaxy S3

    Hello. I have just bought a 2008 Laguna Expression DCI with Satnav and Bluetooth. While I can get the phone to and my GAlaxy S3 to pair up and make calls. The car cannot download the phonebook from the phone, and each time I try and bluetooth connection is severed. I have checked the phone...
  2. How to? auto door unlock Lagna 03

    Ive read in my Laguna book that its possible to when close to my car unlock the doors without pushing the keycard, But How, mine has on the keycard open and lock, only it has the sensors on the handles? or does my laguna not do it, laguna 1.9dci 2003 Thank you
  3. Lagna 1 radio display

    Hi the display on my 2000 laguna has gone off and when i bought the car it came without owners books. help :confused: Denis, (confused because old and grey)
  4. 2003 Lagna Initiale - Door Switch

    Does anyone know where the door switch on the drivers door (the one that senses when the door has been opened and switches the interior light on etc.) is on my 2003 Laguna Initiale? I think it is faulty, because the light doesn't come on any more, the electrics aren't active until I insert the...