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laguna 2.0l 16v

  1. Electronics
    I hope this is the correct section. I have been having an intermitent problem with the dash on my Laguna II for a little while, where the dash would reset itsself. This would happen about once a week, the whole dash would go off the come back on, as though the car had just been started, the...
  2. Engines
    Sorry think auto correct changed my title, should read Espace problems, not disorders space. Hi, I am trying to remove the inlet manifold on my 2001 espace as the valve cover is allowing oil to leak into the spark plug ports, I have removed the 7 torx bolts that secure the manifold, unplugged...
  3. Wheels & tyres
    Hi Guys, just gone over a pothole and almost immediately told by the onboard computer that my ABS system is no longer working, and to consult my Renault dealer.Normal brakes working as normal ie without ABS. Any ideas how to fix? Renault Laguna Executive 2.litre 16 vale S plate
  4. Exhausts
    Hello, my Mk1 Phase 2 Laguna seems to have what looks like hair / fur coming out of the exhaust pipe - I am right in thinking this means the cat has collapsed internally? Or did I just reverse really quickly over a proper cat and don't remember? :devil:
  5. Engines
    I was driving home from work yesterday morning in my 52 plate Laguna II. There was a horrible noise comming from the engine like a "clunk" and the whole car started to judder as though the car was jumping or the wheels decided to spin. I work for a coach company, and one of the fitters had a...
  6. Engines
    Hydraulic tappets. I didn't think that they ever went bad. They always sounded a bit rattly on startup since 80,000miles, but they seem to have be sounding worse lately (140,000). I didn't think that Hydraulic tappets went bad like that. Do I need to change them? If so I imagine I should do...