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  1. Carminat Bluetooth problem. Solved

    For the last two years my Bluetooth has been playing up. Only connecting occasionally, showing as a greyed out option in the menu and returning “computer internal fault” on a diagnostic. I had discovered though, that if you pressed on the front of the navigation computer in the glove box, the...
  2. Laguna III boot subwoofers

    In-car entertainment
    I'm thinking about installing some subwoofers into the little pocket/alcoves on either side at the rearmost corners of my boot. Just wanted to see if anyone has done this before that could suggest any method or components that work well for it. Obviously theyll need to be removable so that the...

    Engine : 2.0 DCI ( code M9R ) Power:. 150 hp FAP filter
  4. I have one of my rear brakes locked on!! **Sorted**

    Hi all, So yesterday I decided to tackle the brake squeal that has been annoying the hell out of me for a while now, turns out it was on a rear brake. So I set to work taking the brake apart, putting the copper grease on where needed (literally everywhere was dry, even had some rust on the...
  5. Syphon or drain fuel tank. Laguna MK2.

    Hi everyone. I'm new to forums so if I'm breaking any rules please let me know. I have a 2003 Renault Laguna MK2. One of the most reliable motors I have owned. I need to drain the fuel tank but don't know the best way. I assume there is a non return valve in the tank so a simple hose and...
  6. FIXED. Laguna 2: Front and rear fog lights problem

    Hi! First of all I want to say that I appreciate this forum and the help we can recieve here. Thanks to you who share your knowledge and experience with these cars! I own a Laguna 2 2001 mod 1,6. I took it to the "EU-inspection", as we call it in Norway, the same as the MOT, I think. They...
  7. Laguna 3 Central Locking screach

    Hi all, I'm sure this has been mentioned before but couldn't find it in the search. When I lock the doors there is a high pitch noise for 1-2 minutes, whcich can't be normal. I have read up and checked the bonnet is shut and that the contacts are clean and wiped the boot latch that was covered...
  8. 2007 Laguna 2.0 dci ‘check injection’ fault

    Hi all, I have been looking for an answer on this error, but the symptoms I get are very different from others with the same warning message. When I drive the car from cold all is fine. Once the engine warms up and the revs are below 2000rpm then I get the check injection message. The car is...
  9. Laguna 3 Tyres? - What to fit.

    Wheels & tyres
    Hi all, Just got a very low mileage Laguna 3 2.0 petrol, with mismatched budget tyres on that are perishing on the side walls, it has sat for over 7 months. So I'm looking to replace at least two of these with branded or mid brand tyres. I typically fit good quality. mid range not premium tyres...
  10. Looking for Renault laguna 3 1.5dci torque App Parameter Info

    Ask the Experts
    Looking for Renault laguna 3 1.5dci torque settings, Request to please share.
  11. Laguna III Bumper Part Number

    I need a replacement rear bumper for my Laguna III Sport Tourer (KT1E). Checking the parts diagram, the part number is 850220006R, but my insurer's estimator has quoted 850223761R. As one of these is about 3 times the cost of the other, can anyone definitively tell me which one is right, please...
  12. 2009 Laguna Coupé TomTom Cruise Control

    Ask the Experts
    Hi all, I hope you can help me with a quick question. Is there a "poverty" spec Laguna Coupé TomTom edition which doesn't have cruise control? I've a Coupé with cruise control buttons on the steering wheel but without the switch beside the electronic handbrake to activate the system. Instead I...
  13. Laguna mk2 auto 2006

    Ask the Experts
    When pressing the brake pedal the car will turn over but won't start After about 5 attempts it will fire I also got an error of check air bag and abs has anyone come across this before or has any suggestions. I am thinking it might be a brake switch/sensor
  14. Laguna III PDC graphical display gone?

    Can some one point me in the direction of which ECU I should be looking in to enable the PDC lines in the display in the instrument cluster. Mine has vanished. PDC is working perfectly front and rear. Thanks.
  15. Laguna MK I Power Steering

    Steering and Suspension
    My 1999 has corrosion on the rigid pipework, causing leaks. Replacements are not available. Will components from any other models fit eg MK II? If I could get replacement unions that screw into the valve block on the steering rack, I could have flexible hose made up to restore the system. Will...
  16. Laguna 1.9 dci low power, help

    General Chat
    Hi, i have problem with my car, laguna 1.9 dci 105 ps 6 speed. It does not like to accelerate, gas pedal full and it accelerate slow very slow on motorway, when release gas pedal it looks like get more power, can someone help me what to check thnx
  17. Laguna Brake Fluid Replacement

    Having just changed the rear brakes (discs & pads) it looks like my Laguna needs the brake fluid completely changing from the treacle colour stuff that is in there at present to new clean Dot 4. Does anyone know how many gallons of the fluid I need to do a complete fluid change? Also, has anyone...
  18. Laguna 3/III Air Con a/c condensation drain location?

    Heating & cooling
    Hi folks, Recently getting in my laguna to find it smelling like a wet dog, and rear footwells have water sitting in them. There appears to be more in the passenger side rear, and the front footwells aren't wet at all. I can remove the foot mats from the rear, and hold them up and it drips on...
  19. location: Fuel pressure regulator and Fuel pressure sensor Renault laguna 3

    Could you please guide me to reach to Fuel pressure regulator and Fuel pressure sensor Renault laguna 3 location? attached engine photo..
  20. Renault Laguna coupé 3.5 v6

    General Chat
    Hello there anyone on the forum who owns or has owned the Laguna coupé? I'm specifically interested in the 3.5 V6 version, but also looking for advice regarding the whole range of diesels and petrols. I really like the look of these cars, but having owned a Mégane 1.5dci (59 reg)...