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  1. Laguna11 fusebox relays

    Hi can anyone tell me what are the relays on the back of the fusebox beside the immobilizer at the door any to do with the immobilizer need help to find out
  2. laguna11 alternator regulator

    Anyone know where i can obtain a regulaotrr replacement kit
  3. changing bulbs laguna11 02 plate 1.9dci

    hi main headlight bulb has gone , is it easy to get the headlamp out and change it as been told the front of the car needs to come off. surley not?
  4. laguna11 2003 19 dci

    hi guys an gals just a quickie is there a dip stck to check oil level in one of these beasts for the life of me i cant find it thanks in advace steve ....
  5. radio for laguna11 estate

    what make ect of radio will work in my lag:crazy:una
  6. air con problem laguna11

    Hi Everyone, i recently bought an 04 laguna dti initiale. have spent small fortune putting minor problems right. But one still remains,Had air con regassed but only appears to blow air as though air con not working?? can anyone tell me where to start first as i am reluctant to take to renault...
  7. Hot weather / non start laguna11 - Card Reader ?

    Hi all .I have a 03 laguna that refuses to start on hot days. Immobiliser light will not go off.Bought a second hand card reader which i keep in tyre well,and if i swap them over car starts, but if left in sun for 2 long same thing happens.Then swap readers again and it starts.Help please.
  8. 2002 renault laguna11 1.9 dci

    Heating & cooling
    my heater blower does not work on any settings. it has 4 speed settings have you any ideas please.
  9. laguna11 aux input

    i have got a 2007 laguna with the factory carminat sat nav. i want to fit a lead to connect my iphone for mp3 playback,i have found these but do not know if they will fit/work. can anyone advise please...
  10. 02 laguna11 1.9 dci

    can anyone tell me how much i should pay for a intercooler mine has got oil in the fins and it is makeing a sucking sound when you rev it.
  11. laguna11 lower ball joints

    Steering and Suspension
    hi i have to replace the lower ball joints and have been told by a garage that they will have to fit a new front suspension lower arm as the joints are riveted to it .I also have to change the rear axel bushes same story subframe removal loads of money could anyone give me some advice please on...
  12. Very very smokey Laguna11 1.9dci

    :confused: Hi guys, I have a 2003 laguna 1.9dci which is smoking very badly at the mo? It has had a new turbo, new cat, and the egr valve has been cleaned out etc. As you can imagine money is running out on this car now! The car still runs perfect, all the power is there and it will run...
  13. Leak in rear footwell on Laguna11

    I live in Southern Ireland and boy has it rained over the last week. No drainage in the rural areas and big water puddles in the road. A problem has just arisen my nearside rear footwell on my Laguna 11 Sports Tourer has suddenly become very wet. I have nearly dried it out but I am wondering...
  14. Heater Mixer Motor Fault Laguna11 2002

    Heating & cooling
    Just been told by a Renault main dealer my o/s heater mixer motor needs replacing in my 2002 Laguna 11 Estate with climate control it blows constantly cold on drivers side only :( loads of money in labour for changing this £14 motor Any one know is there anyway off doing this without...