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  1. laguna2 not starting

    help have put a new clutch in a 1.9laguna 2now it wont even turnover when you press button it just goes to checking system then goes back to saying press clutch and start
  2. laguna2 rear hub nut torque

    hi can anyone tell me what the rear hub nut torque is on a laguna 2. 2 litre dci 150bhp hatchback is please . have asked around other places and have been told anywhere 100lbs ft to 280lbs ft .
  3. repalce ecu with one from scrap yard laguna2 1.9 dci

    Hello all, I am having a problem with my lag 2. I was away for 3 months and when I got back she started with 3 seconds cranking as normal. I left it idling for a while and when I came back it had stalled. First time that has happened in the 4 years I've owned it. Started back up as normal and...
  4. Starting problem laguna2, 1.9dci 04

    This morning it didnt respond with 2 click sounds but only one, inserting the card, it didnt cut the immobiliser and the stearing lock, so no power to the starter when pressing start, it dont lite up the control lights, the battery is fine, and the 2 plastic arms in the card reader works and...
  5. Laguna2 1.6L possible misfire

    Over the past few weeks at idle it doesn’t seem to be as smooth as normal. Acceleration was good – light and heavy load. This morning acceleration under light load is good, under heavy load it isn’t. There are no dashboard warning lights. I had the throttle body replaced last June (but forgot...
  6. Laguna2 Sporttourer Dog Net / Guard

    Hi, back in the fold and after a dog net as above - the last one I had was a mesh net that rolled up when not in use, as opposed to a steel grill. either considered though. thanks in advance,
  7. the automatic gear box laguna2

    I have a laguna 2 model 2002 , the automatic gearbox showed some oil leakage , but it works perfectly . I decided to change the oil sealer and the oil as will. after doing so the car automatic gearbox stopped functioning normally and working only reverse mode. I did computer checking but it...
  8. 2005 Laguna2 1.9dci weird smoking

    Hello people. Ok, this has been going on for a while (a week or two)... Irrespective of driving/road/weather conditions occasionally my back end turns into a smoke screen dispenser for very short time. For example i'm driving on flat road at constant speed at about 1.8k revs, then suddenly...
  9. Laguna2 1.9dci Turbo questions

    Hi all. I have a Laguna 2 1.9 DCi with potenitally some turbo issues. On my Lag when I put my foot down I dont feel the pull of the Turbo until about 2000 to 2200 rpm, then it does a funny thing where it seems to back off and then kick in again about 2800 rpm. What RPM should the Turbo start...
  10. Laguna2 2.0 dci limp mode

    Hi, any help with this issue I have will greatly be accepted, I had my car remapped last September, and it was superb, anyway, my car is an early 2.0 dci and I had burnt out a few glow plugs, I don't know if any of you know but the early engines have a glow plug in them with a black ring around...
  11. 2003 laguna2 2.0 16v immobilizer

    hi I think I have a immobilizer fault sometimes I got out to start the the car I put the keycard in and the red light does not go off and I have to do it a few times for it to go off and when it does this I drive down the road and it just stops cuts out andi have to do this again with the...
  12. x6 Laguna2 Silverstone Rims and x8 tyres

    For sale
    i got a set of 6 Silverstones (in very good condition, no buckles or flat spots (x2 are almost new (virually hardly any use) got x4 khumo solus KH1 tyres, 2 good, 2 worn and x2 almost new tyres(other brand) on the other set of rims. and 2 other tyres with good tread. looking to get shot of the...
  13. Coil spring compressor for Laguna2

    Wheels & tyres
    Hi all, I am due to change my top mounts for my Laguna 2004 when my tool arrives and I just wanted some opinions on the spring compressor that I have purchased from amazon. Instead of buying the cheap screw fix 20 quid jobbies which to be honest look very scary to use, I have hopefully...
  14. Always have to jump start my laguna2

    I always have to jump start my laguna over the past few days , I hope it is just the batt but am worried its the alternator how do I find out ?
  15. rear bushes laguna2

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi newbe here `can anyone tell me how to fit new rear bushes (not in haynes) please.:confused:
  16. My Laguna2 heater fan will only work on No.4

    The heater fan on my 2003 Laguna 2 1.9dci will only work on the maximum setting - No.4. Positions 1, 2 and 3 are inoperative. As the air conditioning will only operate when the fan is on it is a question of feast or famine as far as demisting is concerned. My concern is that when my Mondeo V6...
  17. laguna2 key card

    Hey all .i have a laguna2 03 1.8 .im having problems with the key rarely works..i locked it this morning and now it wont it safe to open up the key card to see can i fix the buttons..the car has a factory alarm..also its not the battery as iv been dealin with prob for a...
  18. laguna2 sevice reset

    hi I have just got a 2001 y reg 1.8 layguna est I have a yellow spaner light on all the time and service change oil light on I have pushed the button on stalk and there is no miles to service on there to reset it can anyone help many thanks
  19. laguna2 front sidelight bulb

    to get the bulb out do you have to twist or just pull? tried pulling quite hard but no success! can't see any notches to locate when twisting
  20. '52 reg Laguna2 Privvy 70k Autobox issues

    I have just had to trade in my beloved Laguna2 exp-ion diesel estate for an automatic. As compensation I was allowed to trade up to a privelidge, it 's a 52 plate 1.8L automatic with the semi mode when you nudge the stick over to the left. Aside from a couple of little niggles that I was...