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  1. Exhausts
    Hey folks! I'm not the first owner of this car but oh boy, Do i Love the car!! The driving experience is just amazing and the vehicle condition is stock. Current fuel efficiency is 11.5L/100Km (the air filter needs replacement and there's spark plugs misfiring). But I want to know if we can...
  2. Cars & motoring
    Hi all, I've just realised today that one of my rear seatbelt clips is on the seatbelt below the little circle in the belt, rather than above it. This means there isn't any adjustment in the length for the clip and buckle, and it can't actually reach to latch at all. Obviously the clip...

    Engine : 2.0 DCI ( code M9R ) Power:. 150 hp FAP filter
  4. Engines
    Hi, I have a 2011 Laguna 3 dci 2 ltr 150bhp, it keeps going into limp mode, on dash it says injection fault and shows the spanner and engine warning light, initially when my local garage plugged the diag into the car it showed a mixture fault and the air flow sensor near the air filter was...
  5. Electronics
    Hi all, this has probably been covered but what is the solution for check injectors light on dash board, usually if i push the engine over 3,000 revs but sometimes just pottering about. Not much loss of acceleration occurs:
  6. Engines
    how do you remove fuel lines ( in & out) from the filter in a laguna 3 1.5dci? I have tried twisting them & prising them with a screw driver, but this has not worked.
  7. Wheels & tyres
    Having just purchased a Laguna 2010 what is the general feeling regarding the electric handbrake ?
  8. Electronics
    Hi I have just bought a 2004 Laguna Extreme and am looking for a towbar for it. Anybody have any suggestions? Have looked at Towsure site and also Witter site. Both sites mention having a dedicated wiring kit so as not to interfere with the cars electrics. Is this true/necessary? have fitted...
1-8 of 8 Results