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    Hi all, topped up the petrol in the car last week and it was running fine to the petrol station. Topped up around 7 gallons and on the way home it was giving an occasional little miss then picking back up. The OH has driven it for a week and she has noticed this little miss, the engine just...
  2. Electronics
    Can anybody tell me where the above sensor is on the car?
  3. Engines
    Can anyone tell me where the down stream lambda sensor (not the one on the exhaust manifold) on the 1.5DCI Megane 3?
  4. Engines
    Hello all Can someone tell me the location of the lambda sensor on a1.4 dymanique Modus petrol engine please thank you
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    Time to replace the lamda sensor on my clio and have a question, how many lambda sensors does my car have, having done some reading there should be 2 but some say only 1, also doesbanybody know where they are located? Thanks
  6. Engines
    Being a tight Scotsman I'm looking to replace the upsteam Lambda sensor without paying main stealer prices. Its a 2013 1.5DCI 110HP Megane and has the numbers 1928 404 687 code 1 on the lambda sensor plug. A google search suggests this a Bosch unit and common across a number of marques...
  7. Exhausts
    Hi! I'm planning to buy a new pre cat lambda sensor, but it's not listed anywhere wheather it's a pre or post sensor. This is what I found, but I'm not sure: 0258006046 Bosch Is this a pre cat sensor? If not, can you help me find the real deal? :)
  8. Exhausts
    I have 2005 megane 1.6 16v. i have changed the lambda sensor as says there is a fault but when diagnostics came to clear it the same samer fault was still present and the warning light on dashboard is still on, also engine misfires quite badly. Any thoughts
  9. Electronics
    Hello, Can anyone help me with how to replace bank 1 sensor 2 lambda sensor? Thanks in advance
  10. Exhausts
    Hi all, Engine management and service light has come on my 2010 Renault Clio. Mechanic computer gives fault code DF802 Upstream Lambda Sensor. This has been changed twice and no resolution. Code still reoccurs having been reset. MPG hasn't dropped at all so I don't expect it to be a faulty...
  11. Engines
    Hi all, Just a quick (n00b) question, can a faulty lambda sensor stop an engine for starting? The reason I ask is my car (Renault Megane Scenic '52 plate) was working fine on Wednesday morning. Went to drive it Wednesday afternoon and nothing - no crank, no start. I plugged in my OBDII reader...
  12. Exhausts
    I own a scenic megan 1.4 16 valve on 03 plate, it failed MOT on exhaust emissions, MOT guy said it is a sensor .....but where is it
  13. Exhausts
    Hi guys, 2002 1.2 16v Clio has 2 Lambda Sensors fitted, changed the pre cat one (had to heat it red hot to unscrew it) but the post cat one just crumbled as soon as spanner touched it so threaded end still in exhaust and no way of getting it out! Car goes fine so is it worth trying to fit...
  14. Exhausts
    Laguna 1 phase2, 2000 1.8 16v Trying to remove the exhaust manifold but to do this I first need to remove the top heat shield having released the 4 fixings it appears that the Lambda sensor is screwed in over the top of the heat shield and is stuck solid, I tried using a Lambda socket but the...
  15. Engines
    Thankfully the 2.0 litre 16 valve Renault Laguna RTi has one oxygen lambda sensor. It is located on that small section of exhaust pipe between the front joint and the catalytic converter, either on the top or side of the exhaust pipe. The electrical connection quickly reveals its...
  16. Engines
    Hi all Have an emissions fault on my 06 scenic 1.6. I have the above p141 fault but I'm stumped. Have changed inlet temp sensor, thermostat (on the side of engine), new spark plugs and just done the front lambda sensor. Haven't cleared the logged codes as my reader will only read Renault but not...
  17. Electronics
    my scenic has both post and pre cat lambda sensors fitted, they are the 4 wire ones and I want to know are they the same part just installed in different positions??
  18. Engines
    Hi everyone, First post here so hope its to standard etc. 2000 Clio S 1.4 8v K7J A month or so back the had gasket goes, nightmare. Managed to get it done by a mate of a mate for £590 all in (quite pleased with that!) Now I've noticed that when idling when the engine is even just slightly...
  19. Engines
    Hi please help. I want to replace the pre cat lambda sensor but can't seem to find it. Where is it located. Also what socket size do I need to change spark plugs. Cheers
  20. Electronics
    Just had both lambda sensors changed on my Megan and its still showing bank 1 fault even though both sensors are working fine even computer is showing working fine please help