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  1. Engines
    Hi all. This is my first post so I apologize if I've made a mistake or posted in the wrong section. So my 2011 Grand Scenic 1.6 dCi starts up from cold then, after a few seconds gives the red oil pressure light along with the STOP and engine failure hazard warning however, after warming up for a...
  2. Bodywork
    Hi, does anyone know where to buy replacement fog lamp surrounds for a 2011 Renault clio, I found them at this link but they're out of stock!
  3. Engines
    So my 2004 Grand scenic 1.9DCI failed on Nearside Front Position lamp not working (4.2.1 (a)) Anybody shed some light on what this is and how much it would be to fix please before I get blasted by Halfords
  4. Electronics
    Got a Renault Master II with a Nissan ZD3 engine,2005, the glow lamp will not come out. engine start easily,new glow relay, everything seem to be okay, glow plugs checked. but glow lamp stays on. what could possibly cause that problem? and do anyone got fault code list to that car with that engine?
  5. Electronics
    Hi all, My Grand Scenic Mk3 (61 plate) failed its MOT on both the rear fog lamp and the dashboard tell-tale light failing to illuminate when the switch is activated. The front fogs and the tell-tale working off the same switch on the indicator stalk both work correctly. I had noticed that...
  6. Electronics
    Hi I***8217;m hoping someone can tell me where in the engine compartment fuse box the rear fog lamp fuse is. My rear fog lamp is out and it***8217;s not the bulb. Thanks ***x1f642;
  7. Bodywork
    This is a remarkably awkward thing to do, certainly not as it should be, a roadside 5 minute job. I first thought about removing the whole front body shell, and then removing the battery, but found that by removing the front road wheel and the inner plastic mud shield I was able to access the...
  8. Electronics
    i have a megane 05 plate , problem is the tailgate lock is not operating at all, also the rear log lamp is also getting no power, auto spark has checked the car and no loom damage, please help
  9. Bodywork
    Hi All Can anyone direct me to the best instruction for replacing a nearside rear Laguna 3 fog lamp. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  10. Electronics
    Hi I am new on here, i have not found it that easy to navigate but that is probably me ! Q! does anyone have experience with changing to led's ? and removing the clear headlamp cover to install strip lighting? renault trafic sport + 64 plate Thanks Mike
  11. Electronics
    Hi All, Does anybody have a step by step picture guide on or any advice on how to replace the various lamps in the headlamps? I can see access to the main xenon's, but I am wanting to replace the side lights and DRL's without paying a garage a fortune. Any tips much appreciated! Thank you kindly.
  12. Electronics
    The rear fog lamp won't work on my Modus. I checked the cluster and connection. I think it may be the switch on the stalk, any ideas? Kevin
  13. Electronics
    Hello mates, The electrical sistem turn on the right brake lamp when I turn on the the position lights, without pressing the brake pedal. Has anyone had the same problem? How is it solved? Appreciate collaboration. Greetings!
  14. Electronics
    Hi, having a bit of a nightmare with rear lamps going out of sync. indicators and brake flashing at same time etc. I have possibly found a fault with rear cluster on both sides and one pin (possible the earth) seems burnt out. Just wondering , as there are two sets of terminals on cluster board...
  15. Electronics
    Hello, I have a strange fault with my 2000 scenic 1.4. The Fog lamp indicator lamp on the dash illuminates when the brakes are pressed and when the indicators are on. The lamp does not light up as bright as when the fog lamp is actually on, it's probably about half as bright. Any ideas?
  16. Electronics
    Hi The airbag lamp on my 2001 scenic goes out after 3 seconds and then relights after a total of 10 and stays on. However if I disconnect either seatbelt tensioner it relights after a total of about 6 seconds. This makes me wonder if the timing of the light coming back on is an indicator of...
  17. Engines
    I had a problem where my starter would sometimes not crank. Reading around various forums I found that it could be due to one of 3 smaller relays which are in a row in the engine bay fuse/relay box next to the battery. So following the advice I read I swapped the 3 relays around to see if it...
  18. Bodywork
    replacing a headlamp bulb on Renault Scenic
  19. Electronics
    Hi, I have a megane 2 1.4 03 reg, yesterday the toxic fume filter warning lamp started flashing along with a missfire, after reading the FAQ's I removed the plugs and No 4 was much darker colour than the other 3, today bought new plugs and 1 new pencil coil, replaced the coil on No 4 and...
  20. Electronics
    I think I have a poor earth somewhere as the rear fog warning lamp comes on momentarily when the brake pedal is pressed, the lights on the instrument panel sometimes dim as well as if the sidelights have been switched on. Checked the rear lights but their earth is a black wire with a purple...