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  1. Fog lamp housing part

    Hey every1. My brother has got a Renault clio Mrk 2 phase 2 (01-05). He hit a fox a couple of weeks back. The only damage he got to his car was the fog lamp. The fog lamp is fine its just the plastic housing that goes around it that has broken. Im just seeing if anyone knows where i can get hold...
  2. Laguna 2.2 RXE D 'stop lamp'

    Cars & motoring
    Hi, recently purchased a 95 Laguna with the following fault: Will not start, stop lamp in display on, usual display lights show when switching on ignition(except the preheat light just flashes for an instant), starter turns fine but no ignition! I have tried the following: disconnected the...
  3. Radio Clock display illumination lamp staying on

    Radio~Clock display illumination lamp staying ON (clock and radio display has the background lamp on all the time) all the time keys out and car locked Laguna II 1.9DCI standard radio CD and remote controls, fuses all okay, Sure as heck mystifyin me? As it says above has anyone had a similar...
  4. renault modus -headlamp bulb replacement

    hi , how does one go about changing headlamp bulb on modus dci 1.5 ? not as straight forward as it sounds
  5. Replacement of a Megane Fog Lamp

    Hi I need to change the off side front fog light on my 2004 Megane, can anyone tell me how I access the screws holding the fog lamp in place. Many Thanks
  6. fog lamp change ????

    :confused: just noticed that a front fog lamp is out on my 99v reg scenic. so to save agro can anybody tell me how to get at the bulb to change it.. many thanks and a happy christmas to you all ;)
  7. Search for the Angel Fog Lamp's

    Has anyone seen any Angel Fog lamp's anywhere for the lag. These would look awsome... :cool:
  8. 2002 Laguna O/S Fog Lamp Change

    Just after a bit of help / advice on changing out the drivers fog light as i can't see how it comes out plus there's no room to work with the bumper on. I can't see how the bumper comes off either - anyone done this job before ?
  9. Laguna headlamp adjust and dash lamp

    Hi chaps. I'm having trouble posting a new thread. Do I need to wait for someone to switch on my account? I may as well ask the questions here: 1: How do I adjust headlights alignment on my 1999 Laguna. 2: How do I replace a dashboard backlight? Thanks.
  10. Clio 2005 Fog Lamp

    I have to change the drivers side fog lamp on my Clio, but i cannot see a straightforward way of getting to it and the owners manual is as much use as a chocolate fireguard. Any help of info would be much appreciated. Thanks
  11. Scenic Mk 1 Rear Lamp change

    Before I start unscrewing every screw I see and then find it's more than i need, lose some, snap off some plastic prongs, get arsey and sulk, can someone tell me the easiest way to change the rear lamp/ (Lens) on a Scenic? The Mrs took the car to a car boot sale, made £38.00, the Mother in law...
  12. Diesel heat lamp indicator coming on when driving

    Hi I was just driving along the motorway when i noticed the diesel heat lamp indicactor came on. I didn't have the opportunity to stop and the engine sounded fine and seemed to be running OK. As i approached the next turn off it went off and didn't come back on for the rest of the journey...