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    rite guys i have a msi u230 now its got win 7 on it and im wanting to put xp on it but its got a sata harddrive now i have had a go at trying to change it to ide or what ever in the bios but there is nuthing there to change it to so i can boot it from a usb cd rom and install xp before any 1...
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    1 Sony Laptop Recalls & 2 Sony Vaio Laptop Recall & Finally Sony Electric Shock Risk Other than the above, I've heard they're a great M/C
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    Sony again with battery probs Click on the link below for more details SRC BBC News
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    Really glad to see we are so well protected:rolleyes: The threat seems to be from within the realm:crazy: :crazy: Our data is safe :(
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    Free laptops woo Carphone customers - Times Online No such thing as a free laptop | Blogs | No such thing as a free laptop
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    Orange gives free laptops to broadband customers from Guardian Unlimited: Technology