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  1. Radiator Cooling fan cutting in too late ?

    What components in the radiator cooling fan system would cause the radiator cooling fan to cut in too late ? And what is too late , what position on the cab temperature gauge is normal operating temperature ? What occurs is normal operating temperature on my car appears to be with the needle...
  2. Scenic MkIII Electric brake released too late

    Hi there, I have a Scenic Mk3 (2009 plate one of the first :wink2: ) and she has recently a clutch replacment (all sorted out no problems) BUT now I can't drive away anymore without an big fuss. It is the 1.5 dci and since I had this car from new I get use to rev a little bit to start on a...
  3. Late email forum notifications

    General Chat
    Any reason for very late forum email notifications as I am getting last nights and morning ones far later during the day. Anyone else experiencing this problem?
  4. Trafic 1.9 Turbo cuts in late and surges

    Hi Guys, this is my first post. I've recently bought my bother in laws old but clean 52 plate 1.9 6 speed trafic. It was an not failure and only £300 ***128523; While pulling away in first the turbo pulls well then in second it comes in at 2300 to 2500 rpm and then surges like the turbo cutting...
  5. Late intro

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi everyone... I never thought I'd buy a Renault in my life! Yet, here I am with my 59 reg Renault Megane 1.5dci which really surprised me on the test drive: Comfortable, smooth, well slotting gear box and fair handling. Anyone here from the east Midlands? :-)
  6. Late Forum Reply Emails

    Over the last few weeks I've been getting forum reply emails in some cases up to 12 hours after the post was replied to, just wondering if anyone else is getting the same problems too? Cheers hondo :)
  7. Laguna doors on a late 2005 hatchback

    Does anyone know if the doors on a late 2005 are the same as say the 2003 model mine is the facelift model but it don't think the doors were touched on the facelift
  8. clock spring replacement,on magane estate,54 late

    hi there,can any one help,will a magane scenic,clock spring,Removed from a 2001 Megane Scenic,fit my magane estate 54 plate?thanks
  9. Clio 4 late delivery

    General Chat
    I ordered a Clio 4 Medianav 1.5dci at the end of January and I'm still waiting for delivery :confused: Renault UK customer service is non existent. I've been waiting 18 weeks now and been Very Very patient. It's a car I like and I've done my homework and if I cancelled my order I've lost a few...
  10. Chilton set for late gearbox penalty

    Formula 1 news Chilton is expected to start his first Monaco Grand Prix from the back of the grid on Sunday afternoon after Marussia decided to change the gearbox on his car ahead of the race. Chilton had qualified in 20th position, but the fresh...
  11. Clio 1.5 dCi (86) Late 2010 - Bright rear lights.

    Hello Everyone, I wonder if somebody can advise me on the following please: I’ve got a late 2010 Clio 1.5 dCi (86) that has a problem with the rear lights. I’ve only driven it in the dark twice and last night I noticed that road signs were reflecting very brightly. I stopped the car and...
  12. Late Espace 111 using E4 parts?

    Cars & motoring
    Hi , just a quick question. Does anyone know if a late Espace 3 (07/02) might have used some Espace 4 parts? Namely the radiator fan, normally for the 3s it would be twin fans but mine has a single, like fitted to the 4s. The other possibility is that it was in an accident and later parts...
  13. Late 07 Clio Headlights

    I need to convert my headlights permanantly for driving in France, I am exporting the car. Anyone know where to get the correct headlights, or have some for sale?
  14. Late Kangoo tail-lights on older Kangoo?

    I have a 01 Kangoo with the tail-lights on the first picture. Will the tail lighst from a later Kangoo fit, like the ones on the second picture?
  15. Late Massa grid penalty promotes Alonso

    Formula 1 news have made a late decision to open the gearbox on Felipe Massa's car, thus incurring a five-place grid penalty and dropping the Brazilian from P6 to P11 for the start of the 2012 Formula 1 United States Grand Prix. The Italian team...
  16. Better late than never !!

    My mottah!
    I thought i better get some pic's up as my 1st attempts many moons ago failed badly :crazy: so here's my little Accent :d . "]http:// [/URL]
  17. Late January launch for Ferrari's 2011 car

    Formula 1 news Ferrari are keeping the exact details of the launch of their new car under wraps for the time being, the Italian team have confirmed they will unveil their 2011 challenger during the final week of January. The event will take...
  18. Saw a VERY late Laguna Mk1 phase 2 yesterday

    General Chat
    I was somewhat confused yesterday when a Mk1 Phase 2 Laguna passed me on a 51 plate. I thought Renault had stopped making them by them :confused:, as there are Y reg Lag II's about, and Ive seen the old X reg Lag II as well. It not like the Lag 1 was even a special edition (like a concorde) as...
  19. A bit late but Hello !

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi from Cornwall,been busy fixing the simple things in life since i bought the clio for my wife like to say thanks to everyone who as already pointed me in the right direction,keep up the good work.
  20. Why are you all up so late?

    General Chat
    Hi all Its gone 02:00 on Saturday morning. Im still awake because Im waiting for phone call from my besty friend who is in in the States. We take turns about for the unsocial hours Why are you other guys up so late ... or have you just all forgotten to log out ?? :)